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  • Skived Fin Heat Sinks: Solutions as Smooth as Butter
    Many heat sink designs consist of separate fins and base and are assembled together using an adhesive process to bond the two together. These heat sink assemblies have an added thermal resistance in the form of the adhesive layer between the base and the fins. Extrusions, which are a single piece
  • Bond, Thermal Bond: An Overview on Bonded Fin Heat Sinks
    Aavid Genie has a bonded fin heat sink as one of the options available to you in the Technology Matrix. For those unfamiliar to them, a bonded fin heat sink consists of 3 main parts: a base with grooves, fins, and an adhesive to "bond" the fins to the base. Hence the name "Bonded Fin Heat Sink."
  • Sep Solving Common Challenges with Electronic Assembly Adhesive
    components to printed circuit boards, attaching heat sinks to electronic components, and sealing electronic enclosures.
  • Conductive Adhesives for Thermal Management: Case Study Issues in Hybrid Microelectronics and Plastic IC Packaging (.pdf)
    This paper discusses silver filled and boron nitride filled epoxies for heat-sinking and thermal transfer. Case studies of thermal resistance calculations have been presented with comparisons made against eutectic die-attach.
  • Webb Abrasives Clog Resistant Technology
    by a precise combination of backing, grit, adhesives and coating. It uses a heat-resistant adhesive that prevents grit from sinking into the adhesive during friction. This flexible adhesive also allows the grit to sweep back and forth like a broom allowing an aggressive cut. A thin clear coat of polymer
  • Thermabond Application Notes -D001
    Typically, the most difficult part of working with Thermabond (R) is liner removal after the material has been tacked to the heat sink. The key to this process is to avoid trapping air at this interface. If not removed, the material tends to "lift up" when the brown liner is removed, causing