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  • Ceramic Heating Element Introduction
    Ceramic heating element is a resistive piece of ceramic, often treated with a metallic coating. The ceramic heating element creates heat based on resistance to electrical flow through the ceramic element. This is done to provide heat to a room or other area via convection or forced air. Ceramic
  • How to Select the Right Industrial Heating Element
    Industrial heating elements are among the most crucial components in any industrial heating system. Selecting the right industrial heating element can save money, time, and create a more efficient process, regardless of the application.
  • What Makes the Ceramic Heating Element the Core Part of a Vaporizer?
    The ceramic heating element is a safety and healthiest option for dry herb vaporizers, so every vaper is preferred to choose those vaporizers that carry ceramic heating element. Let's more specific, when a vaper burns tobacco, marijuana, or hemp during traditional smoking to release the active
  • Brazing a steel and brass immersion heating element [MEC]
    Induction results in faster heating than a torch with faster, multi-part heating to increase output...
  • Brazing a steel and brass immersion heating element [IH]
    Induction results in faster heating than a torch with faster, multi-part heating to increase output...
  • Circulation Heaters for Gas and Steam Heating Applications
    Circulation heaters, containers/vessels with the heating element inside, are used to heat gases and steam for different types industrial applications.
  • Electric Heating Coils: Selection & Design
    Electric heating coils transfer energy into heat in a variety of heating applications. They're an important part of many industrial heating solutions. A coil is a heating element attached to the heating unit itself. The heater generates the electric current which flows into the coil. The heating
  • Heaters on Wheels - Bringing Mobility to your Heating Application
    immersion heaters are used where heated gas or liquid is needed. The salient features of heaters on wheels are: All components such as temperature controllers and control panels are assembled in one unit. The heating element unit can also be raised up or lowered to suit the application.
  • Why Should Ceramic Heating Elements be used for E-cigs Instead of Metal Coils?
    MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater), is an advanced ceramic heating element of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. Nowadays, the ceramic heating element has been used in more and more applications to improve performance, such as household electric heating appliances, automobile gas
  • High Performance Component Heating Solutions for Large, High Temperature Industrial Applications
    into complex environments and require complex system infrastructure to install and support. This. white paper uncovers the need for high performance component heating solutions in large, high temperature industrial. applications and discusses the benefits of multiple zone heating element technology.
  • Why Watt Density Matters When Choosing Heating Elements
    Watt density refers to the measure of power from a heating element divided by the heated surface area of the element itself. Of course, that 's just the surface (excuse the pun) of this concept. It has major implications when choosing a heater and its components (i.e., flanged elements). This post
  • What is Impedance Heating?
    Impedance heating is a clever approach to pipe heating. The pipe itself becomes the heater element rather than installing a heater into the pipe. The heating method achieves this by applying low voltage AC to the pipe with electricity. As the current moves through the piping, heat is created
  • Hexagonal Boron Nitride
    An electric heating element using boron nitride as an insulating material, including the outer tube of the electric heating tube.

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