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  • Carbon Fiber Heating Element Technology
    Imperial Quartz patented carbon fiber heating element is an exciting, advanced technology that provides outstanding efficiency and tight band IR wavelength throughput. The heating element is composed of long high tension proprietary grade carbon fiber strings as IR heating material. Compared
  • How to Select the Right Industrial Heating Element
    Industrial heating elements are among the most crucial components in any industrial heating system. Selecting the right industrial heating element can save money, time, and create a more efficient process, regardless of the application.
  • Brazing a steel and brass immersion heating element [MEC]
    Induction results in faster heating than a torch with faster, multi-part heating to increase output...
  • Brazing a steel and brass immersion heating element [IH]
    Induction results in faster heating than a torch with faster, multi-part heating to increase output...
  • Circulation Heaters for Gas and Steam Heating Applications
    Circulation heaters, containers/vessels with the heating element inside, are used to heat gases and steam for different types industrial applications.
  • Heaters on Wheels - Bringing Mobility to your Heating Application
    immersion heaters are used where heated gas or liquid is needed. The salient features of heaters on wheels are: All components such as temperature controllers and control panels are assembled in one unit. The heating element unit can also be raised up or lowered to suit the application.
  • High Performance Component Heating Solutions for Large, High Temperature Industrial Applications
    into complex environments and require complex system infrastructure to install and support. This. white paper uncovers the need for high performance component heating solutions in large, high temperature industrial. applications and discusses the benefits of multiple zone heating element technology.
  • Quartz Versus Halogen for IR Moisture Analysis (.pdf)
    Infrared moisture analyzers have had a variety of heating element materials over the. last several decades. The two most common on today's market are quartz and halogen.
  • Wattco Immersion Heaters: A Guide
    between the heating element and the item being heater means that only a minimal amount of energy is lost during the heating process.
  • Circulation Heaters in Petrochemical Applications
    Circulation heaters are widely used in the petrochemical industry in locations such as Calgary Alberta, for heating fluids, chemicals, and other mediums. Circulation oil heaters consist of a huge tube-like heating element, which is immersed, in the medium to be heated. Thermostat control panels
  • Industrial Immersion Heaters: Types, Applications, and Elements Used
    Immersion heaters are used in industries for various manufacturing processes that include preservation of various chemicals, fluids and gases by keeping them warm. These are installed over large tanks and vehicles, transferring heat rapidly to the content in an efficient way. The heating element
  • Aqua-Hot Systems 101
    It s time to get acquainted with the Aqua-Hot (R) system. Hydronic heat means to heat with liquid. Operating similar to a thermos, the Aqua-Hot system holds water, heats it with liquid and keeps it hot for hours. This innovative heating method combines a water heater and furnace into one element
  • Ferro Techniek's Thick Film Heater Basics
    Ferro Techniek is highly specialised in making heaters based on PEMS technology: Thick Film Heaters. A thickfilm heating element consists of several layers. Benefits of Thick Film Heaters - Thin, fl at layers = low mass, easy to clean - Less material = less weight, less expensive - Less weight

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