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    The bed ash was loaded into fiber drums fitted with heavy duty plastic liners , whereas the fly ash w& bagged into 70 lb. paper sacks which were shrink-wrapped with plastic film for storage until needed.
  • ZAUTB2001P021
    … flywheels, tractor transmission cases, heavy gear boxes Brake drums and clutch plates for heavy-duty service where both resistance to heat checking and higher strength are definite requirements Extra heavy - duty service brake drums Diesel engine castings, liners , cylinders, pistons Heavy-duty …
  • FG 260 IS
    Automobile and diesel cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, heavy flywheels, cylinder liners , pistons, medium- duty brake drums and clutch plates.
  • Pack Expo Product Preview: Sealing/Banding
    Aline's new heavy duty vertical thermal impulse sealer is ideal for tall packages or freestanding liners in drums or boxes.
  • Innovative Structural and Joining Concepts for Lightweight Design of Heavy Vehicle Systems
    Current application examples of discontinuously reinforced MMC’s span over a variety of commercial markets, such as heavy - duty vehicles (pistons, cylinder liners in Diesel engines, brake rotors, brake drums ), transmission components (worm gears, bearings, truck drive shafts), electronics .
  • ZASMHBA0005323
    … cases, heavy gearboxes Brake drums and clutch plates for heavy-duty service where both resistance to heat checking and higher strength are definite requirements Brake drums for extra- heavy - duty service Extra-heavy-duty diesel engine castings, liners , cylinders, and pistons Camshafts …
  • Handling and Segregating System for 55-Gallon Drums Project-Current Progress on Testing and Integration at the Western Environmental Technology Office
    This module, a heavy - duty , commercial waste shredder, will size reduce the opened 55-gallon drums and liners for volume-efficient waste disposal (Fig. 1).
  • ZASMHBA0001003
    Ductile iron in various hardened conditions has become accepted for such applications as heavy - duty gears, spinning mandrels, p u m p liners , rolls, dies, clutch drums , pistons, brake drums, and agricultural-implement parts.
  • Plastic Films
    … used for a wide range of applications, the most important being consumer bags, in-store roll bags and produce wrap, baked goods packaging, other food packaging, heavy duty shipping sacks, pallet shrink … … trial trash bags and drum liners , industrial rollstock, agricultural film …
  • ZASMHBA0005186
    Pistons, clutch housings, exhaust manifolds Pumps, valves, marine propellors Engine blocks, gears, brake disks and drums , machine bases Crankcases, transmission housings Farm and construction machinery, heavy - duty bearings, railroad rolling stock Gas … … components, rockcrusher jaws Ball mill liners , shotblasting nozzles, railroad brake …