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    Pliers - (240 companies)
    Pliers (plyers) are handheld, manually-powered hand tools, often employing serrated jaws, designed for holding, cutting, bending, or manipulation of tough or difficult materials such as wire, sheet metal, or fine machine components. They are usually...
  • Eyelet and Grommet Equipment-Image
    Eyelet and Grommet Equipment - (20 companies)
    ...choices for form factor: hand held, bench top, and free standing. Hand held eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment includes pliers-style tools and punch-like setters that are hit with a hammer. Benchtop units may require mounting and are typically...
  • Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors-Image
    Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors - (179 companies)
    Heavy duty rectangular connectors are designed to accommodate large electrical loads and direct signals under a multitude of operating conditions. They are normally used in industrial applications where the delivery of high power is required...
    Eyelets - (29 companies)
    Eyelets are metal, plastic, or rubber rings that are inserted into a hole made through another material. Eyelets may be used to reinforce the hole or to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole. More specifically, eyelets are flanged metal...
    Heavy Equipment Repair Services - (71 companies)
    Heavy equipment repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty machines and vehicles typically used in earth moving and construction applications. Equipment specially designed for executing construction tasks --most often...
    Tool Kits - (123 companies)
    ...and heavy-duty, long-nose pliers that are designed for side-cutting and skinning. There are also several different types of insulated screwdrivers. Pneumatic screwdrivers use compressed air and are designed for low-torque applications such as woodworking...
    Hammers and Mallets - (178 companies)
    ...or mechanically-powered. Hand-powered hammers are powered by the force of human hand-arm combination, and are commonly used for light-duty impact work like driving nails, joining parts, forging metal, and breaking-apart objects. They vary by head shape...
    Off Road and Heavy Equipment Services - (26 companies)
    Off road and heavy equipment services provide coating, finishing, part fabrication, processing, repair and maintenance, testing, manufacturing, and other engineering services to the off road and heavy equipment industry. Off road and heavy equipment...
    Bolts - (1230 companies)
    A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is used to position two workpieces in specific relation to each other. A bolt is specifically designed to be used with a mating, internally threaded hole or nut, which will maintain the bolt's alignment as well as the material's position on the bolt. While used synonymously, screws and bolts are not mechanical clones.
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (197 companies)
    Natural fibers and fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, or woven cloth manufactured from plant materials such as cotton, wool, linen (flax), sisal, jute, hemp, or silk.

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  • Extreme NXT: Extending the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to the Next Level
    After you press the eyelet into the hole, it will look like Figure 4-13. Use heavy - duty diagonal cutters or pliers to cut it instead.
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  • On the construction and working of a military field telegraph (based upon experience gained during the campaign in Afghanistan in 1878¿80)
    … a direct working sounder, for small offices; and a portable sounder, for interruption duty and opening out … The first was too heavy and cumbersome ; the second almost invariably leaked; the third was found to … office tools, message draft box, eyelet press, small copper earth plate, etc. pliers , screw-drivers (large and small), wedgefor opening packing cases, knife, sand-paper, round-nose pliers, gimlet …
  • Feature-Rich Job-Site Table Saw - Professional Deck Builder Magazine
    While lots of carpenters like heavy - duty , thick leather, up-the-shin, steel-toe work boots, I prefer a hiker style. The lace eyelets are all metal and flush to the upper. I’ve found spots for chisels, pliers , snips, wrenches, hand benders, pry bars, tape measures, notepads, laser levels …
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    The project should allow the cast members to learn some of the more heavy - duty operations in a way that will keep them interested, and will hopefully increase their retention of the material. … 2 110V mig welders * 2 wire brushes * 2 side cutters * 2 needle nose pliers * A VCR and … * Wire * Solder * Paper Clips * Mini eyelet screws .

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