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    equipped with communications equipment, such as a two-way radio or wireless telephone, a second rear spot light, a total of 10 flares, 10 triangle reflectors, two shovels (one round, one square), one heavy - duty push broom , two pry bars, one bolt …
  • Hyperspectral-LIDAR system and data product integration for terrestrial applications
    The system is mounted on a heavy duty motorized pan-tilt unit programmed to support both push - broom style hyperspectral imaging and 3-D canopy LIDAR structural profiling.
  • Scrub Brushes - Brooms, Brushes and Dust Pans - Grainger Industrial Supply
    Choose between soft sweeping brushes or heavy - duty wire brushes. While cleaning brushes are great for smaller, targeted areas, use a commercial broom , such as a push broom, to clean away debris from large areas.
  • Fusion: A f̲ully u̲ltraportable s̲ystem for i̲maging o̲bjects in n̲ature
    FUSION was mounted in a co aligned optical configuration measuring 21x21x35 cm and attached to a heavy duty programmable pan-tilt unit (DP300, Directed Perception, Burlingame, CA). The DP300 pan tilt unit enabled push broom hyperspectral data collection with a user selected pan increment up to 360o continuous and tilt view zenith .
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  • States > California > State > Regulations > Title 8 - Industrial Relations > Division 1 - Department of Industrial Relations > Chapter 4 - Division of Industri...
    Soft push brooms or brushes may be used without serious hazard except where brushed dust may form explosive clouds in air. … the machine or equipment may be dissipated without endangering employees in the regular performance of their duties . For heavy construction, one square foot of vent area should be provided for each 80 cubic feet …
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