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  • Biosafety Cabinet HEPA Filter Replacements: Reducing Costs
    When selecting which biosafety cabinet is right for you, price is almost always a top consideration. While sticker price seems like the most pertinent cost data, you need to consider the total cost of ownership to get a true picture of the financial impact of your purchase.
  • The Effectiveness of HEPA Filters on DNA
    Here we determined that DNA is captured by a HEPA filter at the same efficiency as the filter is rated and discovered DNA cannot be dislodged. from a HEPA filter.
  • HEPA Filters: What is Yours Actually Doing?
    It is common knowledge that to have a clean environment inside a biosafety cabinet or clean bench, you have to have HEPA-filtered air. Presumably, the filter removes all contaminants, but does it really? How does a HEPA filter work? Are all HEPA filters created equal?
  • New Model Workstation HEPA Performance Report
    The Invivo2 / Concept / Concept-M Series Workstations have been recently remodelled, and now include a standard HEPA filter. This report details the HEPA filter testing and results for the common body of these workstations to determine air cleanliness using EN ISO 14644-1 as a reference
  • How Long Do HEPA Filters Last?
    The life of a HEPA filter for a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is an important subject when considering the life cycle cost of any BSC. HEPA filter loading capacity has always been a major concern for the design/performance of a BSC. Not only in terms of replacement cost, but also laboratory
  • Handling, Installation and Burn-off Procedure for HEPA Filters
    HEPA Filter = High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. High means 99.97% or higher. The efficiency is a measure of how effectively the filter traps particles. It is calculated by dividing the number of particles trapped by the total number impinging on the filter. Fewer than 3 in 10,000 are allowed
    Which Filter Should Your Biosafety cabinet use? Understanding the similarities and differences between HEPA and ULPA aids in selecting the best filter for your biosafety cabinet
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part II: HVAC, Boilers and Cogeneration
    and efficiency. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to filter make-up and recirculated air. The adoption of alternative filter technologies might allow for lower energy consumption. For example, new

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