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  • Development of Compact Hydraulic Brake Booster
    On the other hand , in the hydraulic brake booster system, electric- pump -generated high -pressure fluid is utilized to help apply additional force to brakes.
  • Optimum Design of Return and Cushion Springs for Automatic Transmission Clutches
    On the other hand , if the return spring force is unnecessarily high , the hydraulic pressure applied to the clutch must be increased to obtain the required clutch torque capacity, which will result in increased oil pump capacity.
  • Manual robotics
    hydraulically: oil pressure pump and controllable valves huge forces , average speed loudly, additional place for hydraulic system , oil loss lead to impurity, the oil viscosity allows no good reaction times and no high Positionier- or repeating accuracies … … tools angeflanschten on the wrist .
  • Manual diesel engines
    - Nozzle supernatant 80 80 80 injecting hydraulic system 143-container 144-throttles, valves 145, compressive forces 146-cavitation 146, short tube … … Common Rail 159, 615, 650 - high -pressure pump 617 - high pressure storage … … engine 619 622 624- hands rotating start 622, druckgesteuerte …
  • Dubbel
    … hydroelectric power stations R 31 -, withdrawal installation R 31 -, high pressure power station R … … 105 water jet-air pumps K 30 water turbines … … V 8 alternating current hydraulic system H T 64 -, application … … assets T 64 -, nominal force T 64 -, O frames … … E 75 -, classification E 75 materials E 36 material properties E 2 material- manual Q 115 material …
  • Manual driver assistance systems
    A hydraulic pump becomes partial brakings activated by every operation also so that the pressure in the brake wheel cylinder can be constructed at least after a gain factor predetermined through hydraulic translations. Act by system disorders the hand and foot braking cylinder further directly on the brake wheel cylinders required what prinzipbedingt significantly higher actuating forces .
  • Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering, 2 Volume Set
    They can be simple motorized machines, whereby the speed and direction are controlled using manual controls, hand operated machines where the … … uses a wheel or pump control to increase the force on the sample, right up to high end computer controlled test … They are available with hydraulic actuation or electromechanical control using electric motors driving a ball screw arrangement …
  • Fluid technique in motor vehicles
    The restoring forces of an axial piston pump ( high pressure side ) are used for synchronism of the drives of individual tracks. Simultaneously, one requires for active adjustment of the axial piston pump the mentioned hydraulic control circuit (driving …
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    … a single actuator to ac- tuate 8 DOFs; Birglen, et al[6–7] , designed many kinds of under-actuated grippers and gave force analyses on them; L … … designed a multi-fingered hand using hydraulic actuation with fluidic actuators … … applied by a water pump . … tional under-actuated hands grasp and manipulate more dexterously, simultaneously to lower the high dependence of robotic …
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    … optical danger signals and information signals", January, "safety of machines, Sicherheitstechnische demands on fluidtechnische installations and component- hydraulic system of which", June 2009 EN … … 2009 part 3: Recommended force limits by machine operation … … for kurzzyklische activities by high handling frequencies, May 2007 … … part 4: Buchbinderei-, Papierverarbeitungs- and paper improvement machines, December 2010 part 5: Wellpappenerzeugungs-, flat and corrugated cardboard processing machines part 1, November 2010 EN 1012 "compressors and vacuum pumps , safety requirements": compressors, May … … emission value", February, 1033 hand -poor-vibrations, laboratory method …