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  • "Improved Capacitor Using Amorphous RuO2"
    power capability or vice versa, but rarely can both be optimized at once. For instance, many carbon-based double layer capacitor systems have high energy density, but. they also posses a higher resistance than systems containing more electrically conductive. materials.
  • Electrolytic Capacitor Lifetime in Power Supplies
    Electrolytic capacitors are an essential ingredient in AC/DC power supplies, providing high Capacitance x Voltage (CV) and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) in low-volume packages that simply cannot be achieved cost-effectively using alternative parts. The service life of these electrolytic
  • Tantalum Hybrid (R) Capacitors for High Power Applications
    Tantalum Hybrid capacitors are among the most powerful capacitors available. A new. tantalum Hybrid capacitor, having a peak power density of 1.6 MW/i has beeii developed. The. new hennetic capacitor has innovative packaging features that minimize non-active components. and allow reliable assembly
  • The Impact of Metallized Electrodes on High Energy Density Pulse Power Capacitors
    Over the past few years, Aerovox has been replacing foil electrode construction with metallized electrode construction in a variety of high energy density pulsed power capacitors. These capacitors are used in defibrillators, copy machines, nuclear fusion experiments, electric armament, and similar
  • Ultra-Capacitor DC UPS: Your Best Choice to Ensure that Critical Information and Functions Remain Available When Supply Voltage Drops Out
    Ultra-capacitors are best suited to these and other mission-critical applications that require seamless transition to backup power (UPS) over relatively short periods of time. In the event of a main power supply interruption, the energy stored in the ultra-capacitors is released. High energy
  • Derating of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in UltraVolt High Voltage Power Supplies
    UltraVolt uses conservative derating practices to ensure reliable operation and long lived power supplies. One critical component that has a significant impact on mean time before failure (MTBF) is the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The capacitors used in UltraVolt power supplies have
  • Circuit Ideas: High-efficiency dc/dc conversion
    One of the primary goals when designing dc/dc conversion circuits is to get a high conversion efficiency. Without careful design, it is easy to dissipate as much energy in the conversion circuit as gets delivered to the load. The dc/dc conversion method of choice for moderate power output is often
  • Switching power supply design rules
    High-density dc/dc converters come in numerous combinations of input voltage, output voltage, and power levels. Modules such as these small PC-board-mounted packages provide output power to 150W. Resonant and quasi-resonant dc/dc converters are becoming more widely used because they are less

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