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  • Servo System and Servo Motor
    According to the different types of servo integrated motors, they can be divided into two categories: high-voltage servo and low-voltage servo. Low-voltage servo is often a servo type with a motor power supply voltage of 48V or below. The power of the motor is below 1000W. It is small in size
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Servo Motors
    Servo motor is a big concept. If any motion motor is equipped with an encoder structure and can realize motion feedback correction, we can call it a servo motor. Generally speaking, the larger the volume of the servo system, the larger its power and the higher the power supply voltage. What's wrong
  • What Can a Closed Loop Servo Do
    Closed-loop servo is actually a servo motor, because it has an encoder structure that can feed back the motion state of the motor to form a closed-loop control. Compared with other open-loop control motors, the displacement accuracy of the servo motor is relatively high. When a pulse is given
  • Integrated Motor
    The servo driver PEVE for integrated motors is designed and manufactured with the latest semiconductor technology to achieve the lowest standby power consumption as well as high performance DSP technology to achieve high positioning accuracy, withstand impact, vibration and wide temperature range
  • Piezo Motors: Principle of Operation for Engineers
    devices. Travel can be linear or rotary, depending on the coupling mechanism. Closed loop servo control can be provided with standard off-the-shelf servo controllers, or with the Nanomotion servo controller that offers full PID control at 20 kHz servo rate. Further, the motors can operate in actuation
  • ServoClass (R) Coupling Eliminates Backlash Potential in Integrated Seam Sealing Systems; Couplings Connect Servo Motors to Ball Screws
    Horsham, Pennsylvania: Precision sealing of integrated circuit packages at high speed requires a backlash-free motion system to produce the highest quality seal. These systems have digital sealing power that allows pulse-by-pulse control of power, giving maximum control and response to seal
  • What Are Planetary Gear Reducers?
    Planetary gear reducers are compact components that strive to maximize the transmission of torque in various applications. The mechanisms ensure the transmission of high torque levels while simultaneously decreasing the required number of motor revolutions for a set level of power. The reducers
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    (DS 301 and DSP 402) and is certified by the CAN in Automation e.V. DC-, 2- and 3-phase servo-, stepper and linear motors can be controlled by it. Powerful algorithms and high sampling rates guarantee a high quality control. The interfaces for limit switches, digital and analog inputs and outputs

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