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    Wrenches - (407 companies)
    Wrenches, also known as spanners, are hand-held tools designed to provide a mechanical advantage in applying torque for turning bolts, nuts, and other wrench-friendly objects. Wrench is a standard term, whereas spanner refers to a specialized wrench...
    Torque Wrenches - (109 companies)
    ...tightening, including industrial and automotive. A wrench's application is largely determined by the range of torque it is designed to deliver. For example, wrenches for use in automotive or heavy industry applications must be capable of delivering high...
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    Hand Tools - (1864 companies)
    ...applied. For example, torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers are used to set the amount of torque applied to the tightness of the screw or bolt. This torque amount is the rotational force generated when energy is applied to the hand tool. Video Credit...
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    Screws - (1247 companies)
    Type-B points are similar to Type A, but are meant for thick metals. Type-AB combines the precision point of Type A with the ruggedness of Type B. Type-C points are for use in heavy sheet metal and require a high driving torque. Type-U points are best...
    Impact Wrenches - (70 companies)
    Impact wrenches are socket wrench power tools which apply a high amount of torque to tighten or loosen fasteners. Impact wrenches use stored rotational kinetic energy to deliver a large amount of torque but over a fraction of a rotation...
    Screwdrivers (hand tool) - (267 companies)
    ...for the insertion and tightening of screws. They are made up of a head or tip, which engages with a screw; a mechanism to apply torque by rotating the tip; and a way to position and support the screwdriver. The popular tool has a handle and a shaft that enable...
    Driver Bits - (30 companies)
    External hexlobe (male fastener / female tool). Hex key (Allen (R)). Not equivalent to hex-headed bolt; a hexagon recess is machined into bolt head; efficient torque transfer; screws can have small or even no head (i.e., set screw); driver is cheap...
    Bolts - (1221 companies)
    ...being turned during assembly, but are positioned or released by torqueing a nut. Screws are externally threaded fasteners that can be inserted into pretapped holes or can perforate a material and create their own internal threads. Screws are fastened...
    Torque Sensors - (192 companies)
    Torque sensors, gauges, instruments, and switches are used to measure torque in a variety of applications. Torque sensors and torque instruments are used to measure torque in a variety of applications. Torque sensors are categorized into two main...
    Force and Torque Instruments - (289 companies)
    Force and torque instruments are used to measure force, weight or torque. Some can measure force and torque by changing the sensor / transducer. Force and torque instruments are used to measure force, weight, or torque. Some can measure force...

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    Due to the high amount of friction between the pin and collar, this fastener requires a hex key ( Allen wrench ) to prevent the pin from rotating as the collar is torqued down around the pin.
  • Bolted joints
    … still easily that could [8.27] and table 8.7 8.25 screws of the strength class 10.9 until dimension M10 still with box wrenches according to DIN 838 and screws until dimension M6 with Allen wrenches after DIN 911 on … However, obtained attracting torques and therewith also prestressing forces according to Abb. are subjected to 8.25 … The bearing without objective torque control secretes therefore for highly stressed bolted joints as suitable assembly method.
  • Torque test, barrel retaining screws
    The screw head should be redesigned to accept an Allen wrench . allow a higher preload torque to be applied without damaging the screwhead, .
  • Complications at screw removal in slipped capital femoral epiphysis treated by cannulated titanium screws
    We soon had to realise that the Allen wore off rapidly in several cases, making a more … A special wrench was developed allowing to apply a higher torque (Fig. 1).
  • Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair/Chain Rings - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    The screws and nuts of chain ring fastenings are made with recessed allen key heads (hex wrench ), and at times the nuts might be slotted instead. Steel screws are likely to maintain higher torques than alloy, and the makers recommended torque settings will reflect this.
  • Grasp quality measures: review and performance
    3.3.2 Volume of the Grasp Wrench space (volume of P … the depen- dence of QL RW on the reference system used to compute torques , for instance using … However, this has not been widely considered due to its high computational cost. … with this problem, another alternative quality mea- sure is the volume of P (Miller and Allen 1999), .
  • Protocol Volume 15 Issue 4 Fall 2010
    For connection of larger wires, cables, or bus bars where hex head bolts or allen screws are used, a torque wrench is needed. torque screwdrivers can be split into two basic types: production drivers and manual screwdrivers. the production units are typically … … manual, as well, but since most connections requiring a torque wrench are not high volume tasks, a …
  • Offshore Drilling and Production Time-Saving Quick Connect and Disconnect Wellhead Connectors
    Atypical sequence would be to run in the actuation screws using an allen key, torque the screws to approximately 800 ft-lb using an impact wrench , and then complete makeup to 1,500 ft-lb using a torque wrench with a 3 … The higher torque figure specified for the flange virtually dictates the use of specialized hydraulic tooling if …
  • Statistical physics in an optically manipulated colloidal particle
    [9] La Porta, A. and Wang, M. D., “Optical torque wrench : Angular trapping, rotation, and torque detection of quartz microparticles,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 190801 (2004). [11]Simpson, N. B., Dholakia, K., Allen , L. and Padjett, M. J., “Mechanical equivalence of spin and … … C., “Torque-generating units of the flagellar motor of escherichia coli have a high duty,” Nature …