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  • Operational Amplifier Topologies and DC Specifications
    . The current or voltage excitation to the sensor, quite often is generated by an amplifier circuit. Following the front end sensor circuitry, an op amp is used to implement a low pass, band pass or high pass filter. In this portion of the circuit, gain stages are also implemented using programmable
  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)
    (steps up the DC battery voltage to a constant high-voltage DC) 2)Full-Bridge Inverter (converts DC voltage to a sinusoidal AC output) 3)Flyback Switch Mode Charger (current source and charges battery with constant current)
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    will walk you through the various practical aspects of implementing. medical devices. The projects presented in the book are truly unique. College-level books in the field of. biomedical instrumentation present block-diagram views of equipment, and high-level. hobby books restrict their scope