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  • High Output Resistance in a DC Calibrator?
    Most thermocouple simulators and dc calibrators have an output resistance of 50 ohms or higher for output voltages under approximately 200 mV. Although 50 ohms seems small compared to a high-resistance load, it can cause significant errors when high accuracy is required.
  • Minimizing the Impact of Source Resistance on High-Voltage DC to DC Converters
    Resistance between a low-voltage power supply and the input terminals of a DC to HV-DC converter results in not only power-loss but reduced long-term reliability in the converter. The impact of source resistance to a converter is measured using XP EMCO A-Series models. Design guidelines are given
  • High Voltage Power Supply Grounding Techniques for Optimal Performance and Reliability
    Ground is ground, right? In truth, there is no ideal ground, all ground paths have inductance, resistance and noise. Managing the various ground paths interfacing with a high voltage power supply makes the difference between a good design and a great design. With high voltage power supplies, ground
  • Techniques to Increase High-Voltage Common Mode Rejection (HVCMR)
    mode rejection (CMR) can be. aff ected by leakage currents. With high current drive CMR. is not an issue, even though a portion of the LED current. is diverted away through some leakage path - there is still. suffi cient LED current to bias the LED. In order to achieve. the highest CMR with low
  • Tantalum Hybrid (R) Capacitors for High Power Applications
    . The thin, flat package also tends to niinimuize electrical resistance. while maximizing heat dissipation. This unique capacitor combines the high cell voltage capa. bility and low resistance of an electrolytic capacitor with the increased energy density of an. electrochemical capacitor. Electrical
  • Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines
    Silicone-impregnated fiberglass insulation has long been used as stator-coil electrical-insulation for low-voltage, direct current, traction motors. Silicone-based insulation is particularly suited for this application because its thermo-oxidative stability ensures excellent long-term resistance
  • Amplifying High-Impedence Sensors ? Photodiode Example
    conditioning + circuit used for high-impedance sensors that act like current sensors. FIGURE 1: Transimpedance Amplifier Current sensors connect to a transimpedance amplifier Equivalent Circuit. which converts current to voltage. The design approach illustrated in this application note, using op Step 1: DC
  • Considerations for Driving Power MOSFETs in High-Current, Switch Mode Regulators
    The low on-resistance and high current carrying capability of power MOSFETs make them preferred switching devices in SMPS power supply design. However, designing with these devices is not as straightforward as with their bipolar counterparts. Unlike bipolar transistors, power MOSFETs have

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