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    Pliers - (240 companies)
    ...material handling. They are used by jewelers, watch matchers, and in the electronics industry. Needle Nose Needle-nose, or long nose, pliers have long, narrow jaws that are used in small areas. Punch Punch pliers have a hole punch that are used...
  • Eyelet and Grommet Equipment-Image
    Eyelet and Grommet Equipment - (20 companies)
    ...choices for form factor: hand held, bench top, and free standing. Hand held eyelet and grommet machinery and equipment includes pliers-style tools and punch-like setters that are hit with a hammer. Benchtop units may require mounting and are typically...
    Eyelets - (29 companies) hand or machine. To set eyelets by hand, a hole must be punched in the material and the eyelet will be inserted with the barrel pointing upward. The flange side of the eyelets should be on the top side. If a washer is being used for better strength...
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    Punches - (258 companies)
    Punches are tools used to perforate material in order to create a cut the shape of the punch edge. How to Select Punches. Image Credit: Carr Lane Manufacturing Co. Punches are fabricating tools used to perforate material and create cuts or holes...
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    Punch Presses - (247 companies)
    Punch presses are designed for stamping, punching, bending, shearing, converting, and assembly operations. Punch presses are used in stamping, punching, bending, shearing, converting, and assembly operations. They differ in terms of drive type...
    Punching Services - (77 companies)
    Punching services is a process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the workpiece to create a hole via shearing. Punching services provide a process that creates a hole through a workpiece. Punching is a very economical...
    Hole Saws - (49 companies)
    Hole saws, also referred to as hole cutters, are saw blades with a circular cutting profile. Hole saws are used in a drill and cut out a hole without cutting up the core material. Hole saws often has a centering drill for hole placement. Hole saws...
    Hammers and Mallets - (178 companies)
    ...more common because of wood 's poor shock absorption and susceptibility to splitting. Hammer Applications. Hammer types vary widely based on application. Common applications of hand-powered hammers are for carpentry, punching, framing, geology...
    Tool Kits - (123 companies)
    ...tool kits for repairing copiers and office equipment are also available. Some tool kits are insulated and/or include insulated tools to protect users from electric shock. A basic insulated took kit usually contains tools such as insulated pliers...
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (197 companies)
    Natural fibers and fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, or woven cloth manufactured from plant materials such as cotton, wool, linen (flax), sisal, jute, hemp, or silk.

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  • Sandal Making in the Bodrum District, Muğla Province, Turkey
    Tools and devices (from left to right): hammer, sandpaper, core punches , fixed sole and eyelets . .... Tools and devices (from left to right): compass, chisel, files, rotating hole punch, pliers , knife and tape measures .
  • The development of end-window Geiger-Müller counter tubes
    …tube as before, and was flanged at the bottom, by pressing, and spun over at the top until it was nearly closed; a i-in hole was then punched to take the eyelet , and a i-in hole made for a pumping … to make a vacuum-tight termination by pinching it with a pair of pliers and then cutting…
  • 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python, January IAP 2010
    …pudgy puffs puffy pukes puked pules puled pulls pulps pulpy pulse pumas pumps punch punks punts pupae .... expose extant extend extent extols extort extras exuded exudes exults eyecup eyeful eyeing eyelet eyelid fables fabric … hobble hobbit hobnob hoboes hocked hockey hoeing hogged hoists hokums holder holdup holier holing holism holler hollow … played player playas plazas pleads please pleats plebes pledge plenty pleura plexus pliant pliers plight plinth plisse…
  • Code of construction practice production technique
    Image 13-9 Adjustable DIN A4 punch 1 receiving baking; 2 shaft direction; 3 hand-lever actuators; 4 setting back spring; 5 attachment screw; 6 waste containers; 7 hole die die; 8 setting foot. .... Image 13-14 Mechanical castors attachment eye with eye 1; 2 adjusting nut; 3 setting thread; 4 .... Image 13-23 drilling head with dual tool 1 collet ; 2 spindle-drilling head 1; 3 toothed…
  • Langford's Technical and Commercial Dictionary
    Ln- auge n. warp eye i heald eye; eyelet = ceil m. ; ceillet m. ; maille f. ; mail- Ion .... Lochabsteller m., Nadelbmeh- oder L 6tOp motion for needle breaking or holes = ave.rtisseur m. de trou .... d' ane m.; bedane m. lochen >to punch i to perforate per- forer; percer; poin<;onner. die .... Lochzange f. perforating pliers pI.; punching tongs pI.
  • Standard Handbook of Machine Design, Third Edition > UNTHREADED FASTENERS
    They can be assembled very rapidly using special eyeleting and grommeting machines, which punch the holes , if necessary, and then set the eyelets . .... These are applied axially into grooved housings using specially designed pliers .
  • Practice knowledge welding technique
    …forming 360 building gas 196, 530 building gases 58 molding die 127 molding dies 127 free cut … of construction 329 LANCE-N-LOC-\-system 126 long light arcs 56 slot welding 439 longitudinal … 341 spot welding 83 f., 104, 341 point welding machine 85 point electrode holder 85 Push-Pull … weld transition cross-section 251 weld-comparison value 241 weld preparation 406 welding eye 16 welding tanks…