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  • Fibers and Filaments-Image
    Fibers and Filaments - (188 companies)
    Materials Fibers and filaments consist of bulk, chopped fibers or strands and continuous monofilaments of materials and are used in reinforcing composites as well as other specialized electrical and thermal applications. Materials...
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  • Lasers-Image
    Lasers - (704 companies)
    Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent radiation. The word "laser " is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent...
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  • Fiber Lasers-Image
    Fiber Lasers - (99 companies)
    Fiber lasers use optical fibers doped with low levels of rare-earth halides as the lasing medium to amplify light. Fiber lasers are constructed within an optical fiber and are similar in concept to gas lasers and laser diodes, except that a part...
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  • Diode Lasers-Image
    Diode Lasers - (360 companies)
    ...the vast majority of the laser market due to their small size, low cost of mass production, and wide range of applications. Common uses are listed below, with approximate wavelengths appended in parentheses. Fiber optics (1000 - 1300 nm). Gas sensing (1500...
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  • Solid State Lasers-Image
    Solid State Lasers - (188 companies)
    Solid state lasers use a transparent substance (crystalline or glass) as the active medium, doped to provide the energy states necessary for lasing. Solid state lasers are used in both low and high power applications. Solid state lasers use...
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    Laser Protective Eyewear - (47 companies)
    Laser protective eyewear includes glasses and goggles designed to filter out harmful radiation from lasers. If left unprotected, the human eye can be damaged permanently from direct or reflected laser beams and radiation. Laser protective eyewear...
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    Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Machines - (240 companies)
    Laser engraving and laser marking machines use a high-powered laser to mark or scribe materials with text, images, patterns, and graduations. Some products are used to mark conductive or non-conductive metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, or composite...
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    Laser Beam Analyzers - (40 companies)
    Laser beam analyzers are used to determine the quality of a laser beam. Laser beam analyzers measure beam profile, average power, energy per pulse, frequency, and temporal pulse shape. Many laser beam analyzers are portable, enabling them to be used...
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    Laser Cutting and Welding Machines - (263 companies)
    ...cabinets, monitoring systems or sensors, laser optics or beam delivery components, laser heads or focusing modules, and air or gas cooling. Related Information. CR4 Community --Laser Cutting of Carbon Fiber. CR4 Community --Does Laser Cutting Harden...
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    Laser Processing Equipment - (572 companies)
    ...or a fiber optic beam guide or cable. In flying optics systems, beam guidance modules are common. Often, these modules include gantry robots, robotic arms, or other manipulators that mechanically guide or direct the laser beam relative...
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  • Ureteroscopy
    Endoscopic management of upper uri- nary tract disease using a 200-micron holmium laser fiber : initial experience in Japan. Urology.
  • Lasers in Dermatology and Medicine
    the laser itself.8,9 Holmium laser fibers are typically available in 200, 365, 550, and 1,000 mm diameters, either in end- or side-firing configuration.
  • Urinary Tract Stone Disease
    release.59 The Escape Tipless NitinolTM basket (Boston Sci- entific) is a 1.9 Fr basket that allows the insertion of a 200 mm holmium laser fiber to fragment the stone in the basket should it become lodged in the ureter.
  • Advanced Endourology
    The routine use of newer ureteroscopic accessories such as ureteral access sheaths, nitinol devices, and 200-μ holmium laser fibers can decrease the strain on the flexible uretero- scopes and significantly increase the longevity (17).
  • A comparison of single use and reusable small core sized holmium:YAG laser fibers: Is there a difference in the risk of fiber failure?
    Single use and reusable small core-sized holmium laser fibers were tested.
  • Thulium fiber laser lithotripsy in an in vitro ureter model
    Saline flow rates through the ureteroscope working channel with the 100-μm-core [244-μm-outer diameter (OD)] TFL and 270-μm-core (464-μm- OD) holmium laser fibers measured 22.7 and 13.5 ml∕ min, respectively.
  • Minimally Invasive Urology
    … Super Stiff) Flexible ureteroscope (Olympus P5 180–270) Semirigid ureteroscope (ACMI Micro-6) Camera and light source Irrigation setup and endoscopic irrigator (Pathfinder, Boston Scientific Single Action Pumping System) Adaptor (Applied Medical Sureseal, US Urology UroSeal) Holmium laser fiber (200 or 270 μm …
  • Interventional Management of Urological Diseases
    The holmium laser fibre in this technique acts much like the index finger of the surgeon during an open prostatectomy to shell out the adenoma.
  • Difficult Cases in Endourology
    Using a 365-m holmium laser fiber and settings of 1.2 J and 15 Hz, we systemati- cally vaporize the stone at the periphery, trying to convert as much of the stone as possible to dust.
  • An integrated fiber and stone basket device for use in Thulium fiber laser lithotripsy
    However, simultaneous application of a standard 270-μm-core Holmium laser fiber (464-μm-OD) and a conventional 1.9-Fr (633-μm-OD) stone basket severely limits saline irrigation rates due to space limitations in the single 3.6 Fr (1 …