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  • Broadband Communications and Home Networking
    Broadband Communications and Home Networking. Providing a good intuitive approach starting from basic telephony to satellite communications, this book takes a close look at current high-speed digital communications, data distribution and networking solutions for homes and small office.
  • Smart Computing Article - E-mail By Satellite
    users a somewhat unreliable Internet connection. ISDN is a fully digital telephone line. It uses a copper wire pair that runs through your home just like your telephone line. An ISDN line is made up of three digital lines, two of which can be broken out into separate phone lines. Two of the three
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    , Taiwan) have agreed to jointly develop plasma display panels (PDPs) by merging Mitsubishi's PDP technology and CPT's production technology. HAVi networking spec nears implementation Home Audio Video interoperability (HAVi), a digital AV home-networking architecture proposed by eight
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Technology clashes could halt home networks Home-network users seeking to leverage shared high-bandwidth Internet pipes into the home could be in for more than they bargained for. Potential clashes between unterminated asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) devices could not only slow data rates
  • Internet Considerations for Business, Personal and Public Networks
    everywhere. So, which type of service is best for your personal Internet use? Your location is a main determinant. For rural residences, a satellite connection may be the most practical. All you need is a dish, as it connects to a satellite thousands of miles beyond Earth. If you work out of a home
  • The Access Network - Evolution From Separate Simple Services To A Fully Flexible Environment
    The technology which now enables us all to be part of one large global community is impressive. Fibre optic cables cross oceans, networks of satellites link continents and sophisticated management software keeps it all working. Yet all of this would be wasted without the humble access network
  • The Types of Broadband Connections for Internet and Their Pros and Cons
    along fiber optic cable. Typically, fiber optic cables have been used as "trunk" cables to deliver signals over long hauls to metro and rural regions, where they are converted to digital signals and distributed by coaxial cables to end users at a home, business, school, etc. The more recent "FTTX

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