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  • Latches-Image
    Latches - (251 companies)
    Description Latches are mechanical components that hold doors, drawers, or cabinets closed. Types There are several basic types of latches. Cam latches attach to the back of a lock or lock cylinder...
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    Doors - (1378 companies)
    ...with door hinges on one side are secured in a frame and swing open to allow entry. A swing door can be fitted with hardware to latch or lock it in the frame, or may be configured without latching or locking door hardware, enabling it to swing open freely...
  • Hinges (industrial)-Image
    Hinges (industrial) - (419 companies)
    ...member directly above (and below) door. Latch hinges - Latch hinges make excellent lid or door latches, or easily removable hinges. Overlay hinges - Overlay hinges are used for a door that sits in front of the cabinet and covers or overlays...
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    Locks - (512 companies)
    Locks are mechanical fastening devices designed to close and control access to doors, drawers, or containers. Common types of locks include cam locks, combination locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and key-operated locks. Description. Locks are used...
  • Handles and Pulls (industrial)-Image
    Handles and Pulls (industrial) - (436 companies)
    ...a "cove" where the hand grips the handle. Lever Handle. Image Credit: Jergens. A handle for operating a latch mechanism. Lever handles may be supplied spring-loaded to ensure return to original position after use. Pull-out Carrying Handle. Image Credit...
    Bumpers - (206 companies)
    ...s top. Another common place to find bumpers in commercial or industrial settings is the one used for doors. They include floor and wall mounted door stops with rubber bumpers as well as the rubber bumpers on the bottom half of the doors where carts...
    Cabinets and Casework - (653 companies)
    ...components. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, or composite materials. Cabinets are rectangular storage unit with doors, shelves, and drawers. They may be free-standing or wall-mounted. Cabinet doors have handles and hinges...
    Industrial and Commercial Trailers - (404 companies)
    ...foods and beverages. Ventilated trailers are suitable for moving livestock such as cows, horses, pigs, and sheep. Pressurized trailers are used in the shipment of chemicals. Industrial trailers and commercial trailers are sometimes called tractor...
    Hooks - (285 companies)
    ...however, include a pre-drilled boss for the addition of a latch. Image credits: Pivot Point, Inc. | RUD Chain, Inc.
    Logic Latches - (43 companies)
    Logic latches are logic devices that latch onto or retain digital states (1 or 0) in data storage circuits. Image Credit: Texas Instruments Analog Automotive and Transportation | Allied Electronics, Inc. Logic latches are logic devices that latch...

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