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  • Watt-Hour Meter using PIC16C923 and CS5460
    This application note shows how to use a PIC16C923 microcontroller to control operation of the CS5460 power measurement integrated circuit from Cirrus Logic (R) /Crystal Power Measurement, to drive a liquid crystal panel (?glass?), and to store and retrieve data using the 24C01 Serial EEPROM. Energy
  • Schenck Accurate Products for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Sanitary-grade equipment produced from certified materials that can precisely meter ingredients at rates ranging from 5 grams per minute to tons per hour and thereafter, cleaned-in-place. Those requirements were clearly in mind during the development of the MECHATRON (R) feeder line
  • Precise and Extremely Compact
    Mini Coriolis meter as a compact controller In process engineering, measurement and control always belong together. In spite of this, the two tasks are usually considered and instrumented separately. A new compact flow meter for gases or liquids designed for flow rates from 0.1 grams per hour
  • Air-Handling With Care Compound Exposure Limit Short-Term Exposure Limit OSHA Standard
    ) was formed, the ACGIH TLVs were adopted and codified as workplace standards. The OEL is the maximum concentration of a chemical (in air) to which most workers can be exposed for an 8-hour work day, 40-hour work week over a 40-year lifespan without significant adverse health effects. The OEL is expressed
  • Drag Racing Flowmeter Applications
    Hoffer Flow Controls has been supplying turbine flowmeters to the automobile drag race world for the past several years. Typically a small HO Series flowmeter with a magnetic pick up coil is supplied to meter a nitro-methane fuel mixture on the supply side of the engine. This allows the driver
  • Isolator Systems Take On Clean Rooms
    important that customers know, for example, that they can tolerate one or three micrograms per cubic meter per shift, " says Erik Barman, special projects manager at Fette America, Rockaway, N.J., "and that they don't change their mind after purchasing a piece of equipment. " Aseptic filling
  • Environmental Noise Control Trends in Instrumentation
    ], [2]. Many cities, regions and countries have established limits on the amount of noise that the population should be subjected to. Integrating Sound Level Meter technologies and microphone technologies have evolved over the years, and have reached a point where precise reliable instruments have
  • The `Good Old` Power Days (.pdf)
    of high-voltage power transformers could put you to sleep. If a current needed "tweaking" you looked at a 3-inch panel meter, and took control with a knob you could get your whole fist around!. Power resistors were big wirewound guys. They had hollow cores and were covered with shiny brown enamel

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