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  • Furnaces (industrial)-Image
    Furnaces (industrial) - (450 companies)
    Industrial furnaces are built of several kinds of high temperature (refractory) materials to hold the process material and hold in the heat without breaking down during the several months that they usually run. General specifications...
  • Humidifiers (industrial)-Image
    Humidifiers (industrial) - (171 companies)
    Industrial humidifiers add moisture to warm, circulated air in order to protect furnishings and reduce static electricity. They use deionized, demineralized, softened, or untreated water. There are several basic types of industrial humidifiers...
  • Heating Furnaces-Image
    Heating Furnaces - (212 companies)
    ...heat exchanger, fire box, blower, and cabinet. Other accessories of a heating furnace include an air filter, electronic air cleaner, or high performance media filter, humidifier, and air conditioning evaporator coil. A condensate pump is used to remove...
  • Laboratory Furnaces-Image
    Laboratory Furnaces - (146 companies)
    Laboratory furnaces provide continuous heating to process samples and materials. They are generally built from high temperature (refractory) materials so that they can maintain high temperatures without breaking down. Often, laboratory furnaces...
  • Furnace Controllers-Image
    Furnace Controllers - (68 companies)
    Furnace controllers are used to control temperature, heat delivery, and other variables in industrial furnaces. They control the burner flame, air mixture and trim to maintain and optimize furnace performance. Furnace controllers are used to control...
    Vacuum Furnaces - (101 companies)
    Vacuum furnaces are heat-treating furnaces that use a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. This helps to alleviate surface reactions. In vacuum furnaces the heat-treating process takes place inside an airtight vessel...
    Boilers (industrial) - (593 companies)
    Industrial boilers are closed vessels that use a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam for industrial heating and humidification applications. The basic concept of a boiler involves a heat source (furnace) and a heat exchanger...
    Igniters - (81 companies)
    Igniters are used to deliver ignition solutions to boilers, furnaces, burners, dryers, and other heat sources. Types of Igniters. There are several types of igniters. Examples include furnace igniters, forced heater igniters, igniters for pellet...
    Refractory Shapes - (213 companies)
    Refractory shapes include recasted, preformed or sintered refractory products that are formed prior to installation in furnaces, boilers or other high temperature equipment. Refractory shapes include precast cement and fused or sintered refractory...
    Laboratory Ovens - (267 companies)
    Laboratory ovens are thermal convection appliances for use in laboratory, scientific, and industrial settings. Uniform heat distribution is often achieved by internal blowers which heat, dry, and cure substrates.

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