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  • Ultra-thin Chip Technology and Applications
    Common switching frequencies for the IGBT and FWD inside the inverter are in the range of several kHz; typically, DC link voltages are between a few hundred volts (e.g., air conditioner, washing machine , hybrid vehicle) and several kV (e.g., fast…
  • Design for Environmental Sustainability
    5.13.2 Electrolux United Design has designed a hybrid system of washing machine and toilet bowl.
  • Literature-based Discovery
    These can include truly surprising hybrids (like washing machine – bicycles) that serve distinct local needs.
  • Wireless Internet
    On the other hand, a price-aware user may shift its price elastic demand such as washing machine and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) from peak hours, when electricity is expensive, to off-peak hours, when it becomes more affordable.
  • Peak Load Scheduling in Smart Grid Communication Environment
    Shiftable Load (SHL) (e.g., dishwasher, washing machine , Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), etc.): SHL includes all those appliances which have a specific time period for their operation (i.e., deadline).
  • The Global Warming Myth | Climate Realists
    Firstly, think about how much money (billions of dollars) private enterprise could earn by producing new products rated "energy efficient" (including hybrid cars, new washing machines , air conditioners, televisions and smart new light globes) and and then scaring the public to believe…
  • Flexible disassembly tools
    The grippers for handling in disassembly are both integrated used in a hybrid disassembly system for washing machines .
  • Disassembly Automation
    Fig. 3.13 Hybrid system for disassembly of washing machines [19] .
  • From compass to hard drive—integrated activities for studying magnets
    Examples of uses of motors include power tools, hybrid /electric vehicles, washing machines /tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners and electric toothbrushes.
  • 2005 Author Index
    Low cost sensorless field oriented control ACIM for improved washing machine performance enabled by advanced hybrid controllers; ATCON-05 12 pp.