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  • Hydraulic Pumps
    energy from a motor or engine to fluid energy in the system. Most systems can be made to work more efficiently when something is installed in the system to allow storage of temporarily unneeded fluid delivered from the pump or compressor. In hydraulic systems, the storage device, of course
  • Hydraulic hybrids boost fuel economy
    Innovative propulsion system enhances efficiency, cuts emissions UPS is currently road testing a delivery vehicle in which a hydraulicpropulsion system replaces the conventional driveshaft, differential, and transmission. In the series hydraulic hybrid, hydraulic pumps and motors drive the rear
  • Oceanic probes float free -- thanks to a brush-dc motor
    possible time. Optimare Sensorsysteme AG, the German manufacturer of the Nemo floats, uses a hydraulic bladder filled with oil in place of the gas bladder. An oil-filled piston acts as reservoir and pump to drive oil into the bladder at the bottom of the probe. The oil expands the bladder, displacing
  • Power Units
    Sometimes the complexity and magnitude of a job suggest that a system of separate hydraulic components would be difficult to put into action. In such a case, a power unit consisting of a reservoir, pump, drive motor, filter, heat exchanger, and basic system valving could be used. The pump includes
  • Accumulators Deliver New Payoffs
    supplies high-pressure fluid that retracts the cylinder rod, but the weight of the piston rod and attached stringer rods pressurizes fluid on the extend stroke, powering a hydraulic motor that drives a pump. Diverting this high-pressure fluid to charge an accumulator lets it supplement pump flow
  • Softstarters or Variable-speed Drives, or Both?
    In water applications, centrifugal pumps are driven by an induction motor directly fed from the network. Flow regulation is accomplished by a few different means, namely throttling, a highly inefficient method as hydraulic losses increase dramatically when the flow is strangled by a valve
  • Hydraulics shines in touchless car wash
    5000 system featured a 7.5-hp motor driving a double pump (5.5 and 1.1 gpm). A three-station D03 manifold with standard directional valves controlled gantry motion and hydraulic motors on the side spinner and oscillator. The wash cycle began when a vehicle rolled over a tire-treadle switch
  • A hydraulically powered bike
    . The 2WD system developed by group, incorporates a piston pump and matching fixed-displacement hydraulic motor to power the front wheel when the back wheel loses traction and slips. The system is based on standard components from Rexroth Sweden, a unit of Lohr am Main, Germany (

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