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  • Oil In Water Monitor Bilge Alarm Receives USCG Certification
    UVF is the standard technology for the entire Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments' product line including continuous on-line monitors and bench top oil in water analyzers .
  • Produced Water
    2008) A new Mid-IR laser based analyser for hydrocarbons in water , a paper presented at TUV NEL’s 10th oil in water monitoring workshop, Aberdeen, UK, 18 September 2008 Martin T, Smith D, Schwarz T, Doucette L, Tripp CP .
  • Automation of industrial wastewater quality monitoring
    Automatic on-line analyzers have been proposed for monitoring the conta~zination level of industrial wastewater in petrochemical plants with respect to turbidity … … waste streams contain, along with emulsified hydrocarbons , large amounts of polar … … colloidal systems of the oil / water type.
  • ASTM MNL37 - FUELS AND LUBRICANTS HANDBOOK: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
    HANDBOOK Octanol/ water partition coefficient, 887 Odor, petroleum waxes, 549, 551 … … LPG, 55 OEM specifications, gear lubricants, 451, 453 Oil blending calculations, 856 Oil … … 565 Oil-soluble dye, in gasoline, 69 Oil stability … … 226 Olefin content, 28 hydrocarbon base oil, 178 liquified … organic structures, 576 refrigeration lubricants, 414-415 Mini-rotary viscometer, 849-850 Mixed-film lubrication, 214 Modified Ostwald viscometers, 838-841 Monitors , aviation ftiels, 108 Motor gasoline, see Gasoline … … Octane rating, history, 62-63 Octane rating analyzers , on-line, 74-75 .
  • ASTM MNL58 - Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing
    … heater stack flue gas, etc. • Water quality parameters such as pH, silica, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, etc. • Effluent monitoring parameters such as oil in water , total suspended solids, total … … widely used for quality monitoring and control of various hydrocarbon streams. In addition to these online “wet” analyzers , near infrared (NIR)-spectroscopy-based “noncontact”-type analyzers are available …
  • States > Texas > State > Register > 2008 > [TexReg 2008-0328is] 03/28/2008
    … Impoundment; 30 TAC §335.62 and TCEQ Agreed Order Docket Number 1994-0578-IHW-E, Ordering Provision Number 1.a., by failing to properly determine whether contaminated ground water was hazardous; 30 TAC … … was conveyed and placed in the Surface Impoundment; 30 … organic compound (VOC) lines (Valve Numbers 4155, 4153, 4154 on the slop oil tank; Valve Number 2403 near Heater … … §382.085(b), by failing to monitor emissions from the T … … process drain with an hydrocarbon gas analyzer (HGA); 30 TAC §116 …
  • Identification and Characterization of Transition Zones in Tight Carbonates by Downhole Fluid Analysis
    If any one of optical fluid analyzers is positioned after the pumpout module, by taking the advantages of downhole fluid segregation caused by the pump, we can actually monitor how fluids are flowing after the pump to guide sample capturing process. Moreover, improved measurements such as in -situ water cut, GOR and hydrocarbon compositions, and oil and gas two-phase detection can be achieved after downhole fluid separation encouraged by the pump.
  • Countries > Canada > Province of Alberta > AER Documents > Directives > [CANADA Alta AER d:46] 046 - Production Audit Handbook
    The difference in energy absorption rates between water and hydrocarbons is utilized by this analyzer to measure water content. The principle of operation is not affected by changes in the individual oil and water densities of the stream to be monitored .
  • Lessons learned from process incidents - viewing historical data through the lens of "Tenets of Operational Excellence"
    … sealines and wharf structure Hydrocarbon released as RED technician … … replace a faulty corrosion monitoring probe Fire alarm resulting … … from Herzog Auto-distillation analyser 105AT222 Gasoline leakage from … … to feed switching actions in FCC Area Hanger support … … on 26 April 2008 Oil -soaked insulation fire on … … observed in the H2 line (make up compressor discharge line) due to fire water falling on the …
  • Fluid Identification Challenges in the Near Critical Fluids: Case Studies in Malaysia
    The new sensors are now capable of accurately determining the hydrocarbon composition ( in terms of C1, C2-C5, C6+ and CO2), fluorescence measurement for gas condensate, downhole pH and others. The Live Fluid Analyzers (LFA) is the most commonly used fluid analyzer and mainly used for oil / water /gas differentiation and contamination monitoring .