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    Fuel Cell Stacks - (27 companies)
    ...electrolyte membrane (PEM) or proton exchange membrane fuel cells use hydrogen as a fuel and a solid polymer as an electrolyte. They require a more expensive catalyst (typically platinum) and are limited to low-temperature applications. Advantages include...
  • Electrodes and Electrode Materials-Image
    Electrodes and Electrode Materials - (314 companies)
    Electrodes and electrode materials are metals and other substances used as the makeup of electrical components. They are used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit, and are the materials in a system through which an electrical current is transferred.
  • Power Bipolar Transistors-Image
    Power Bipolar Transistors - (76 companies)
    Power bipolar transistors are semiconductors in which a base n-type or p-type layer is sandwiched between emitter and collector layers of the opposite type. The junctions between the semiconductor sections amplify weak incoming electrical signals...
  • Bipolar RF Transistors-Image
    Bipolar RF Transistors - (71 companies)
    Bipolar RF transistors consist of an N-type or P-type layer sandwiched between two layers of the opposite type. They are designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in devices such as stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters...
  • Signal Generators-Image
    Signal Generators - (365 companies)
    ...of the sine wave can be set in most CW sources. Function generators create square waves by applying a bipolar sine wave to a comparator 's input. A pulse is a short burst of signal(s) generated by instrument. Signal generators output signals, or sine waves...
    Pulse Generators - (93 companies)
    Pulse generators are electrical test equipment used to generate pulses that are injected into devices under test in order to study the behavior of these devices. Basic pulse generators allow users to control: the frequency or pulse repetition rate...
    Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) - (134 companies)
    Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) are bipolar transistors with an insulated gate. They combine the advantages of the bipolar transistor (high voltage and current) with the advantages of the MOSFET (low power consumption and high switching...
    Small-Signal Bipolar Transistors (BJT) - (81 companies)
    Small-signal bipolar transistors (BJT) are semiconductors that amplify small AC or DC signals. They consist of a base n-type or p-type layer sandwiched between emitter and collector layers of the opposite type. Small signal bipolar junction...
    Surface Plates - (57 companies)
    Surface plates provide a precision reference surface for layout, checking, machining and gaging work. Surface plates provide a precision reference surface for layout, checking, machining, and gaging work. A surface plate is a solid, flat table used...
    Imaging Plates - (14 companies)
    Imaging plates, imaging films and imaging chemicals include offset printer plates, photographic or image setter film, developers, fixers and other supplies for printing, graphics, radiographic and IR imaging. Offset printing plates transfer an inked...

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  • Fuel Cells
    … composite electrodes, 335 Simulink, 364 Singhal, 537, 539 Single cell, 349, 360, 515, 547 assembly, 486, 498, 508, 515, 530 bipolar plates , 478 cell design, 444 … … 635 technologies, 634 thermoelectric generator , 636 Smith, 296 Smotkin … … tubular design, 201, 202 bipolar design, 202 … evolutionary aspects, 528 flow pattern, 544 fuel, 399, 598 gas-turbine hybrids, 398 hydrogen production, 430 impurity …
  • Physics of Semiconductor Devices
    Hall field 33, 762 Hall generator 758 Hall mobility 30, 34 Hall plate 758, 761, 762, 763 Hall voltage 34, 759, 760, 761, 763 Haynes … … staggered 58 straddling 58 Heterojunction APD 693 Heterojunction avalanche photodiode 692 Heterojunction bipolar transistor 127, 267, 282 … … Hot-electron spectroscopy 459 Hot-electron transistor 287, 450 Hot-electron trapping 375 Hydrogen -atom model 21 …
  • Sintered Stainless Steel for Interconnectors for PEM Fuel Cell
    … application of a new technology of powder sintering for creation of parts for electricity and heat generators . Sintered stainless steel 316LHD was investigated as a candidate material for bipolar plate materials. … load: 700MPa, 550MPa, and 200MPa, and then sintered at the temperature of 1250 °C in hydrogen medium.
  • Fuel Cells - Use of Gold in Fuel Cells by World Gold Council
    The majority combine hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen, their operation being the converse of the electrolysis of water. … systems can utilize a wide range of fuels much more efficiently than conventional generators , as well as … Many fuel cells includes a series of bipolar plates typically made of a conductive material like stainless steel.
  • Fuel Cell Science and Engineering: Materials Processes Systems and Technology 2 Volume Set
    The catalytic burner must convert the residual hydrogen and carbon monoxide from the fuel cell residual gases … … in the mixing zone of the WGS reactor, and water in the steam generator of the catalytic … Low velocities over the bipolar plates of a fuel cell lead to laminar flow in the channels.
  • Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
    … the alternative candidate to replace the internal combustion engine in transportation and portable power generator applications [6]. The fundamental and technical understanding on fabrication of bipolar plate is the major challenges need to be faced while commercialization of PEM fuel cells can be realized. … challenge need to be considered are manufacturing and material costs, material durability, reliability, hydrogen storage and distribution …
  • Hydrogen Filling Station
    Large active area bipolar plates were also manufactured, using a design similar to the model designed for optimal flow. Focus was placed on improving overall efficiency of the hydrogen generator by considering the interactions of the different subsystems.
  • 1990 fuel cell seminar: Program and abstracts
    lead acid battery, the nickel/iron batteri, the sodium/sulphur battery, the second generation iron/air battery and the AFC- generator for hydrogen . The AFC-generators are of state of art design with bipolar collectors in nickel plated steel, teflon bonded nickel electrodes catalyzed by macro-cycle black for the cathode and a noble metal formulation for the anode.
  • Innovation in Materials Science and Emerging Technology
    The system utilize both wind power and solar power to electrolyze water into hydrogen stored in metal … Their researches include anti-corrosive metal bipolar plate , micro porous coated gas diffusion layer (GDL) and carbon paper, catalyst coated GDL, catalyst modification, fuel cell stack for portable devices and stationary power generator , 5 kW UPS, 3 kW combined heat and power …
  • Developments in lithium-ion battery technology in the Peoples Republic of China.
    polytetrafluoroethylene compound films; bipolar plates ; proton-exchange membrane fuel cells; and direct-methanol, molten carbonate, and solid oxide fuel cells. … and promoted, renewable clean energy (such as bio-energy, wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, and geothermal … … liquid fuel technology; design, manufacture, and production of a 750-kW wind-power generator set and related …