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  • FAQ: What are printed circuit board (PCB) test points?
    A surface-mount test point is basically a small wire loop designed as an attachment point for test probes on a circuit board containing surface-mount components. It is relatively small, about the same size as a standard chip capacitor package.
  • What is a Test Point?
    A test point is a small metal terminal used as a connection point to test circuitry on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Typical PCB test points are wire formed loops surrounded by colored insulators. The insulator color allows the test points' type or location to be mapped on the PCB, thereby
  • Varistor Testing (.pdf)
    This note details the common tests of varistor parameters and describes suitable test methods using simplified test circuits. All tests are performed at 25 o C, unless otherwise specified. The test circuits and methods given herein are intended as a general guide. Since the tests frequently entail
  • Integrated Circuits (ICs) & Component EMC Testing
    So, how can one test these electronic "components" to electromagnetic fields? EMC testing is performed to ensure these components can be used in the intended environment (i.e. 5G, IoT, Drones automobiles and more) without failing, degrading or causing other equipment to fail.
  • Benefits of Conductance Battery Testing
    and measuring the current that flows in response to it. The conductance (acceptance) is the ratio of the AC test current impressed on the circuit/unit that is inphase with the AC voltage, compared to the AC voltage producing it. DC Resistance: Short duration DC load on the cell/unit to measure step change
  • Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test
    The customer was a manufacturer and developer of braking systems for the heavy goods vehicle, bus and truck industries. This involves the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBâ s), hot bar soldered flexi-circuits, ribbon cable and thin film soldered connections and connectors. For in-process
  • Application: IC Testing - Reed Relay
    , etc, integrated circuits are at work getting the job done. Chip designers continue to develop new integrated circuits that are smaller, faster acting and have more switching gates. These millions of gates per chip all need to be tested for satisfactory operation. Test equipment, some of which costs
  • Dielectric Withstand Testing in a Production Environment
    Performing a routine product safety test should not in itself represent a shock hazard to the operator who is conducting the test, yet anytime you are working with an energized circuit you must be aware of the hazards involved in performing the test and take the necessary safety precautions

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