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  • Successful Cleaning of a Steel Turbine Shaft at Bersimis 1 (.pdf)
    Commissioned in 1956, the Bersimis 1 hydroelectric power plant has an installed capacity of 936 MW covered by 8 units, each unit being composed of a turbine, an alternator and a transmission shaft. Connected to a ball bearing mechanism, the transmission shaft has an accuracy of adjustment
  • Custom Rewinding of PTFE Tape Rolls for the Aircraft Industry
    Recently, a client from the aircraft industry contracted Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. to rewind and slit custom PTFE rolls down to a 1 inch core. The rolls needed to fit within tight A-A-59474 TY1CL2 quarters. First, we baloney slit the 3 inch ID core materials to measure 1 inch by 36 yards. We
  • Texture Analysis Application Note: Cheese Spread Triangles
    Evaluation of the firmness and stickiness of two different brands of cheese spread triangles by penetration using a 1-inch spherical probe.
  • QQ-N-290 Nickel Plating: Electrodeposited
    . 1.2 Classification. 1.2.1 Classes. Electrodepostied nickel plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes, as specified (see 6.2) Class 1 – Corrosion protective plating Class 2 – Engineering plating 1.2.2 Grades. Class 1 plating shall be of the following grades as specified
  • Mil-L-13808 Lead Plating: Electrodeposited
    and classes, as specified (see 6.2): Type I – without preliminary copper coating • Class 1 – 25 micrometers (0.001 inch) thick lead coating • Class 2 – 12 micrometers (0.0005 inch) thick lead coating • Class 3 – 6 micrometers (0.00025 inch) thick lead coating Type II – with 0.33 micrometer* (0.000015
  • Tension Testing of Metallic Materials (ASTM E8)
    types, the standard defines suitable geometries and dimensions, requiring specific gripping solutions that are critical to performing a successful test. The most common types of specimens are rectangular and round. Rectangular plate specimens have a reduced area section with a 1.5-inch width
  • Custom Slitting & Rewinding of PTFE Tape Rolls for the Aircraft Repair and Overhaul Industry
    Advanced Technology Supply, Inc. was contracted to custom slit and rewind PTFE tape rolls for the aircraft repair and overhaul industry. First, we rewound the 36 yard master on 3 inch core to a 6 yard master on 3 inch core. Then, using a single knife, we individually slit the 6 yard rolls to a 1
  • Mil-R-46085 Rhodium Plating: Electrodeposited
    (see 6.2 and 6.6): Class 1 – 0.000002 inch thick, minimum Class 2 – 0.00001 inch thick, minimum Class 3 – 0.00002 inch thick, minimum Class 4 - 0.00010 inch thick, minimum Class 5 - 0.00025 inch thick, minimum 2. Applicable Documents 2.1 Government Documents 2.1.1 Specifications, standards
  • Mil-C-14550 Copper Plating, (Electrodeposited)
    Classification. Copper plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes as specified: • Class 0 – 0.00100-0.00500 inch thick • Class 1 – 0.00100 inch thick (min.) • Class 2 – 0.00050 inch thick (min) • Class 3 – 0.00020 inch thick (min) • Class 4 – 0.00010 inch thick (min) 2.1
  • Computer Power User Article - AOpen EX915
    October 2004 Vol.4 Issue 10 Page(s) 19 in print issue Add To My Personal Library LGA775 socket, 2GB max PC3200 DDR, Intel 915G/ICH6, 5.1 Realtek audio, PCI GbE LAN, 4 SATA headers, 1 PATA header, 1 5.25-inch bay, 1 3.5-inch bay, 1 x16 PCIe, 1 PCI, 4 USB 2.0, 3 FireWire, and optical and coax SPDIF
  • Computer Power User Article - Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW
    January 2005 Vol.5 Issue 1 Page(s) 22 in print issue Add To My Personal Library 20.1-inch widescreen viewable area; 300 nits, 600:1 contrast ratio; 12ms ^2 response time; 0.258mm pixel pitch; 1,680 x 1,050 at 60Hz native resolution When we reviewed Dell's slick Precision 370 workstation last
  • Smart Computing Article - Diskette Drives
    February 2000 Vol.4 Issue 1 Add To My Personal Library What To Look For When Your Drive Won't Read Diskettes The diskette drive is one of the stalwart components of the computer system. Before PCs came equipped with CD-ROM drives, sound cards, and hard drives, they were coming off the assembly
  • Experiments Investigating the Sorption of Dimethyl Sulfide Vapor to EC-199 (.pdf)
    This report presents data on the sorption of dimthyl sulfide (DMS) vapors from humidified air to EC-199 sorbent. In addition, DMS data is compared to previously collected data for two other vapors (dimethyl disulfide [DMDS] and benzene). A 13-inch long (33.1 cm) by 1.5-inch diameter (3.8 cm) glass
  • Ramsey Silent Chain Opens The Doors To The Universe
    the dome shutters on their 100 inch telescope. Ramsey was both pleased and excited to participate in the up fitting of the dome drives on this iconic observatory. After a detailed review of the drive requirements, the original drives were replaced with Ramsey 3/8"Pitch by 1 inch wide RPV silent chain
  • Society for Information Display News Stories September 2002
    desktop monitors, the company's 18.1-inch display has also grown in popularity, with the company producing more than 920,000 18.1-inch units so far this year. Another factor contributing to the company's sales milestone is the opening in May 2002 of its fifth-generation manufacturing facility
  • Smart Computing Article - Building The Perfect Processor
    from industry leader Intel contains nearly 10 million microscopic transistors and can execute up to 600 million computer instructions in a second. These instructions travel in the form of electronic pulses through a network of tiny, aluminum wires that are 1/100,000ths of an inch wide. All