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  • Steam Digest: Volume IV
    For example, if a hurricane hits an industrial facility with insulated outdoor piping , equipment can be expected to tear off or damage some insulation materials.
  • Influence of thermal ageing on surface degradation of ethylene‐propylene‐diene elastomer
    Ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer (EPDM) and other synthetic elastomers are widely used in vari- ous outdoor and industrial applications, especially in electrical insulation , pipes , and mounts.
  • Plastics in Austria, an analysis of developments, in last 15 years
    Construction and infrastructure: Long-lived plastic products come into the construction industry for application life of which can comprise several decades ( tubes , outer insulation , window frame, floor coverings).
  • A standard simulation testbed for the evaluation of control algorithms & strategies related to variable air volume HVAC systems
    Applications For insulating chilled water, hot water, steam and other piping systems in com- mercial, institutional, industrial construction on indoor or outdoor piping systems Available Shapes and Sizes Fitting Covers.
  • New BDF's fuel evaluation used alkyl carbonate (1st information)
    …iC fiber intersection (made in BatonRouge, LokCseries) (made of 増田 理 化 industry , TeflonTube) (made in central … from tip of glass tube to intersection of S … rotating is covered with thermal insulation material and is covering the external wall with stainless plate.
  • Dubbel
    …B 7 body sound W 23 body sonic bridges Q 42 body sound insulation M 61 body … communication Y 12 -, direct Y 12 -, indirect Y 12 kommutatorloser direct current motor V 33 commutation V 37 compact outer mass Q 2 compatibility … 8 -, on horizontal individual tubes D 34 capacitor I … 30 -, in the chemical industry K 28 -, inert gases…
  • Plastics and its properties
    …225 flat films 227 burning syringes 224 film castings 225 mold casting 225 molding parts, heat-insulated 229 photo industry 225 229 floor coverings … granulation 231 impregnating 223 insulations , 229 temperaturfeste cable drums … 227 coating 224 vehicle outer parts 229 vehicle seats .... Tubes 225, 227, 228, dickwandige 228, rotation forms 226 rotation sinters 228 soundproofing 229 foams 223, 229…
  • Manual transforming technique
    A typical furnace for individual or batch heating (Abb. 4.72) is composed of following assemblies: outer skin (sheet metal), insulation (refractory lining, fireclay stone), arrangement of burners laterally, exhaust pipe for direction of the combustion gases (e.g. for heat recovery … d.R. for the clocked raw partial heating (Abb. 4.73) in the industrial forge operation in…
  • Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization
    …perfectly isotactic polymer, 160 – 166 ◦ C for commercial material), and resistance to acids and solvents makes it an ideal raw material for high-temperature uses (laboratory and hospital items requiring sterilization), heavy-duty applications ( industrial pipes for hot or cold .... The fibers range from indoor – outdoor carpeting to lightweight fabrics woven from PP yarn and used particularly for outdoor apparel, as the material insulates while staying dry.