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  • Traffic Safety Equipment-Image
    Traffic Safety Equipment - (377 companies)
    ...barriers to traffic in parking lots and garages. Types Traffic safety equipment includes: cones and barricades bollards barrels and drums sensors sensing systems traffic control systems signs lights signals Applications Traffic safety...
  • Industrial Remote Controls-Image
    Industrial Remote Controls - (222 companies)
    Industrial remote controls are wireless input devices that are used to control machines and equipment to which they are not directly linked. They use radio frequency (RF) signals, digital pulses, or infrared light to send signals from transmitters...
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)-Image
    Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - (623 companies)
    ...and traffic lighting, as well as lighting for some lamps and torches. Most light emitting diodes function in the near infrared and visible ranges, though there are now UV LEDs as well. LEDs Compared to Other Light Sources. LEDs sport a number...
  • Infrared Spectrometers-Image
    Infrared Spectrometers - (170 companies)
    Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared (IR) spectrometers measure the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of infrared light by a sample. Infrared light lies...
    Street Lights - (58 companies)
    Street lights are elevated light sources that illuminate dark public areas, most commonly roads, walkways, and parking lots. They are also referred to as street lamps. Street lights, also known as street lamps, illuminate roadways, parking lots...
    Warning Lights - (275 companies)
    ...types. Safety strobe lights are flash lamps that produce high-intensity, short-duration light pulses by electric discharge in a gas. Revolving emergency lights are often available in colors and for mounting on vehicles. Flashing lights alternate...
    Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights - (196 companies)
    How to Select Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights. Pilot lights and indicator lights are indicating lights for machines or instruments. Most indicators favor the use of LEDs or incandescent lamps. Types of Lights. Pilot lights and indicator lights...
    Stack Lights and Machine Lights - (151 companies)
    Stack lights and machine lights are used for alarm and machine status indication. They can be supplied with audible alarms and be used as flashers or steady light configurations. Stack lights and machine lights are used for alarm and machine status...
    Lamps - (1726 companies)
    ...may be available through certain manufactures. GlobalSpec also has Heat lamps which are also known as infrared emitters, infrared bulbs, infrared tubes, or infrared lamps. These lamps differ from illuminating lamps because of their low filament...
    Pulse Generators - (95 companies)
    Pulse generators are electrical test equipment used to generate pulses that are injected into devices under test in order to study the behavior of these devices. Basic pulse generators allow users to control: the frequency or pulse repetition rate...

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  • A novel CAM-based traffic light preemption algorithm for efficient guidance of emergency vehicles
    The emergency vehicle emitter transmits infrared pulses or visible light flashes at a specified frequency compatible with traffic light receiver.
  • Investigation on the exit phase controls for emergency vehicle preemption
    EVP devices in emergency vehicles flash high-frequency light or infrared pulses (e.g., an EVP call) to a receiver mounted at a traffic signal pole, in general.
  • Volvo's eye on the road | In-depth | The Engineer
    An infrared laser is pointed at the traffic ahead and a sensor measures the time it takes this pulse of light to travel back.
  • Multi-Lane Traffic Monitoring System (MTMS)
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS MTMS: Multi-Lane Traffic Monitoring System AFRL: Air Force Research Laboratory GPS … Laser Radar SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio PRF: Pulse Repetition Frequency OEL: Ocular Exposure Limit IR: Infrared GUI: Graphical User Interface LED: Light Emitting Diodes UDRI: University…
  • Cyberspace and International Relations
    (3) Physical Sensors—satellite or infrared imagery of changing landscapes, traffic patterns, light emissions, urban development and topographic changes, etc.; this approach focuses on remote sensing … produced, this is a key information source for verification and feedback” (UN Global Pulse 2012a, p. 16).
  • Sub-100nm material processing with sub-15 femtosecond picojoule near infrared laser pulses
    …Z., König, K., Studier, H., Bückle, R., Breunig, H.G., Uchugonova, A., and Kostner, G.M., “ Trafficking of mature miRNA-122 … metal nanoparticles as laser light antennas”, Nano Lett, 7 … sub-15 femtosecond near- infrared laser pulses “, Proceedings of the…
  • Handbook of Modern Sensors
    For example, traffic police use laser guns to identify speeders. .... In the laser detectors, series of short (nanosecond) pulses of infrared laser light is emitted and the laser gun measures the time it takes for the bursts of light to be reflected and detected, just as in the microwave radars.
  • Handbook of Modern Sensors
    For example, traffic controls use laser guns to identify speeders. .... In the laser detectors, series of short (nanosecond) pulses of infrared laser light is emitted, and the laser gun .
  • 1979-1980 Conference Index
    …188-193 multistatic radar; transmitter-receiver distance considerations; Hanle, Eberhard; RADAR 80 100-105 optical processing of adaptive phased-array radar data; Casasent, David; EASCON 80 534-538 pulse scheduling implementation using multiprocessor … 196 Phased arrays air- traffic management; small lightweight electronically … K.; RA DA R 80 263-270 Photoconductivity testing circuit boards at component level using noncontact electrooptic switching; Britton, George L; A UTOTEST 79 187-191 Photodetectors; cf. Infrared detectors Photodiodes; cf. Optical … detection Photoemitting devices; cf. Light -triggered switches Photography; cf…
  • Transportation and Information
    Laser-Pulsed: Pulsed laser systems are typically referred to as LIDAR (an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging) systems and they provide the full gamut of basic traffic data. .... In these systems, near- infrared laser pulses, typically at the kilohertz rate, are used to illuminate vehicles…