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  • Laser Marking vs. Ink-Jet Printing
    , most plastics,. ceramics, composites, and semi-conductors with ease and precision. With that being said, other. marking types like Ink-Jet for example are still being used for marking as they are best for some specific. applications.
  • Machinery Makeover: Ink-Jet Technology Reinvents Itself Via Upgrades & Marketing Promise
    So it is with today's state-of-the-art ink-jet technology, which now is prompting positive. reactions due to steady improvements achieved during roughly the past decade,. including: better fluid recirculation to reduce evaporation; automatic print head-cleaning. function at shutdown; and enhanced
  • Agfa Moves to Lead Industrial Inkjet Market.
    as a range of Agfa made inks. Agfa believes that thanks to its versatility, inkjet technology has the greatest potential for business growth in digital printing. The company is uniquely positioned with control of all the key components of inkjet systems: printheads, imaging software, engines and ink
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Inkjet Printers
    What You Need To Know Before you begin to troubleshoot your printer, make sure that you know if you have an inkjet printer or a laser printer. There are several differences between an inkjet and laser printer. For instance, an inkjet printer dispenses small droplets of liquid ink from a cartridge
  • Smart Computing Article - Before You Buy A Laser Or Inkjet Printer
    Before You Buy A Laser Or Inkjet Printer June 2001 Vol.9 Issue 6 Page(s) 6-9 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Before You Buy A Laser Or Inkjet Printer What You Need To Know Five Inkjet Questions Your Salesperson Will Hate 1. Do I need a special photo ink to get the best results from
  • Digital Imaging Group to Distribute Agfa Graphics' New Premium Inkjet Inks.
    Agfa Graphics announced today that it has reached an agreement with Digital Imaging Group LLC of Boca Raton, FL, USA, for the distribution of Agfa's new premium aqueous ink for inkjet printing. Digital Imaging Group will sell the Agfa digital ink set in North America under the LumaChromeTM name
  • Gardner Sign Inc. Expands with Agfa Inkjet System Stay Informed!
    Agfa Graphics announced today that Gardner Sign Incorporated, a Maryland-based sign shop, recently installed an :Anapurna XL ^2 UV inkjet printing system. The :Anapurna XL ^2 has white printing capabilities and is designed to print POP displays, posters, banners and more. According to Butch Gardner
  • Medical Device Link .
    Method to Improve Ink-Jet Nozzles May Aid Medical Devices A technique developed to significantly reduce the amount of liquid in drops emitted by nozzles such as those used in ink-jet printers is also expected to offer certain advantages in medical device applications, according to Osman Basaran