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  • Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines-Image
    Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines - (243 companies)
    Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines hold and supply tape for assembly or packaging applications. These machines can be as simple as handheld devices or as complex as highly automated robotic systems. Aseptic or sanitary equipment is both...
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    Blades (wind turbine) - (16 companies)
    Wind turbine blades are air-foil shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine.
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  • Laboratory Dispensers-Image
    Laboratory Dispensers - (182 companies)
    Dispensers feed measured amounts of materials, either manually or automatically. The most common types of dispensers are bottle top and burette. Image Credit: U.S. Plastic Corporation|Hamilton Co. Dispensers feed measured amounts of sample material...
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    Inline Heaters - (38 companies)
    Inline heaters instantly heat fluids that are passed through the device. Upon exiting the heater, the fluids are consumed for their intended use and are not re-circulated. Inline heaters are usually electric and feature a high-output heat source...
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    Pallet Dispensers - (24 companies)
    Such models allow for continuous operation, and are optimal for processing larger-sized payloads. Auto loading setups store up to three stacks of 10 to 12 items. These products offer side or inline loading. Enhanced Pallet Dispenser. The pallet...
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    Cloth Tapes - (163 companies)
    Cloth tapes provide robustness with the incorporation of a fabric or fiber carrier, such as cotton, scrim, glass, fiberglass, or polyester. They are adaptable to a variety of substrates and conditions, as substantiated by the most common type...
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    Masking Tapes - (256 companies)
    Masking tape is a pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape used to shield surfaces from a nearby finishing process, such as painting, soldering, blasting, or plating. Masking tapes are rated by their tensile strength and adhesion bond, and come...
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    Industrial Tapes - (2094 companies)
    Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications. Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging...
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    Specialty Tapes - (439 companies) is impractical to cover the operation of specialty tapes. Unless otherwise noted, the function and manufacture of the tape falls in-line with that of typical adhesive tapes. Types of Specialty Tapes. The ambiguous definition of specialty tapes...
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    Foam Tapes - (61 companies)
    Foam tapes have a foam carrier, which can provide conformability and cushioning features. Foam tapes are used for a variety of applications including but not limited to: gasketing, bonding, sealing, weatherstripping, acoustical (sound isolation...
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  • ESSEMTEC to showcase a range of leading-edge technologies at SMT 2013
    …new feeders can be used for 16, 16-24 and 32-44 mm tape widths, thereby maximizing .... The high speed dispenser is equipped with the most modern, accurate systems that drive and steering technology .... The Scorpion is available in two versions – standalone or inline .
  • Adhesive Bonding
    Figure 8.31 Closing of cartons by means of PSA tapes . .... of self-adhesive labels in the past has been the performance of the dispensers , although today dispensers .... Inline Labeling .
  • Author index with titles
    …2021 Lattes C: see Abgrall P 113 Lau G K and Du H: Inline -actuated suspension for … and Matsuda S: Development of a micro catalytic combustor using high-precision ceramic tape casting S198 Okandan … W, Griss P and Stemme G: A compact, low-cost microliter-range liquid dispenser based on expandable…
  • SMT-TAB: A process planning system for PCB assembly using TAB and SMT
    The adhesive dispenser uses a roller dipped in an adhesive to apply adhesive on the tapes for lamination of copper on the tape. .... TAB packages considered by the SMT-TAB CAPP system are the plastic dual inline packages (PDIPs), PLCCs…
  • Enabling in-Line Flip Chip Process - A Novel Interconnect Technique of Flipchip Discrete Packaging
    with an inline conductive reflow system. .... Both dispensers can through a Flip Chip module with controlled accuracy. .... dpnigo h o ieaddtpthrqieeto h wafer tape , transferred to a flipper module, and flip bonded by ... .. another…
    ○ Hydraulic Inline (2). .... ○ Hydrion Dispenser (1). .... ○ Identification Tape (3) .
  • Reducing motor costs through chemistry
    Vacuum impregnation is usually reserved for larger motors with taped coils. .... resin as received Reduced insurance costs - no open tanks Reduced in-process inventory - inline process Reduced maintenance … resins are single component, eliminating meter/mix equipment thus making dispensing fast and easy with low cost dispensers .
  • Apollo 12 - On the Ocean of Storms
    A dispenser in the command module issued a flow of drinking water for as long as the .... For Apollo 12, an inline separator had been installed to prevent hydrogen from entering the potable water … have some form of entertainment, and their luxury item was a battery-operated tape player for music…
  • Laser processes for prototyping and production of novel microfluidic structures
    A cross-sectional view of a picoliter drop dispenser based upon the basic design geometry a thermal .... The 4 mm diameter holes running down either side of the tape are sprocket holes. .... The power set point was adjusted based upon an inline measurement of the material thickness.
  • Drawing the electric
    While pen- dispensers for conductive ink have been available for some time, they have been of low .... In addition to the components listed above, I also used conductive copper tape , which is useful for .... In order to integrate through-hole dual- inline package (DIP) microcontrollers into papercraft electronics, we bend their…

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