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  • RTD Temperature Transmitters-Image
    RTD Temperature Transmitters - (387 companies)
    Resistance temperature detector (RTD) temperature transmitters convert RTD resistance measurements to current signals, eliminating the problems inherent in RTD signal transmission via lead resistance. RTD temperature transmitters convert the RTD...
  • Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters-Image
    Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters - (325 companies)
    Thermocouple temperature transmitters convert the small millivolt output of a thermocouple to a current signal (typically 4-20 mADC) that is immune to noise and voltage drops over a long distance. Thermocouple temperature transmitters convert...
  • Humidity Transmitters-Image
    Humidity Transmitters - (195 companies)
    Humidity transmitters provide electrical outputs that are proportional to humidity inputs. They measure variables such as relative humidity, absolute humidity, specific humidity, moisture content, dew point, temperature, and pressure. Dew Point...
  • RF Transmitters-Image
    RF Transmitters - (244 companies)
    RF transmitters are electronic devices consisting of an oscillator, modulator, and other circuits that produce an RF signal. An RF transmitter is a device that creates a radio signal containing information that with the use of an antenna propagates...
  • Pressure Transmitters-Image
    Pressure Transmitters - (620 companies) prevent equipment damage, it is important to know the extreme temperature ranges of the area. Types of Electrical Signals. Pressure transmitters can produce several types of electrical signals, including analog voltage and analog current. These output...
    pH Transmitters - (45 companies)
    Resolution is the detail in which the device can give a reading. Standard resolution for transmitters is. pH: 0.01 pH. mV: 0.1mV; 1MV. Temperature: 0.1 C. Accuracy describes the pH, mV, and temperature tolerance of the transmitter. Key Features. Provide...
    Flow Transmitters - (239 companies)
    Flow transmitters vary in terms of operating conditions, flow range parameters, performance measurements, and optional features. Operating conditions include maximum operating pressure, fluid temperature range, and operating temperature. Measured...
    Gas Transmitters - (111 companies)
    Gas transmitters consist of an enclosure, sensor, and electronics that convert a signal from a gas sensor into an analog output signal (typically 4-20 mA). Gas transmitters consist of an enclosure, sensor, and electronics that convert a signal from...
    Vibration Transmitters - (43 companies)
    Vibration transmitters provide electrical outputs that are proportional to vibration inputs. They are used during predictive maintenance in order to reduce unexpected machine failure. Image credit: Meggit Sensing Systems / Wilcoxon Research...
    Sensor Transmitters - (488 companies)
    Temperature transmitter (electrical resistance). MIL-PRF-38230 Pressure transmitter (oil; variable reluctance). References. Texas A &M University - Sensor Characteristics. Image credits: Micron Instruments...

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  • A method for experimental heating of intact soil profiles for application to climate change experiments
    Ther- mocouples needed to control the belowground heaters were Type ‘J’ (W.H. Cooke Company, Hanover, PA, USA) and each was fitted with a 4–20 mA transmitter (Model minipaq-HLP, INOR Transmitter Inc., Peabody, MA, USA). .... Heated quadrant tem- peratures were controlled in reference to an identical thermo- couple installed in the center of the control plot.
  • Temperature Transmitters Report - 2013
    www. inor .com. .... Suppliers of Temperature Transmitters .
  • Gas chemical nanosensors with sensing elements based on tin dioxide. Part 1
    …sensing elements containing a coating of tin dioxide and an outer layer of inor ganic chemical compound .... The device was equipped with a conductivity transmitter of the “resistor” type. .... At a sensing element temperature of 300°C, exposure to hydrogen sulfide at a concentration of 0.0005…
  • Temperature Transmitters Report - 2013
    Suppliers of  Temperature   Transmitters . .... Inor .
  • A mini NMR imaging system for teaching and training
    The Lai- inor frequency for 'His 5.017 MHz. .... Ferrite magnetic field depends however on the temperature , and for this reason a compensation system has been .... The RF pulse is transmitted to the sample by means of a transmitter /receive!
  • Testers or Instruments Electronic Circuits, Page 4
    The transition count of Figure 1is an easy way to determine if the temperature in a heater .... Transmitter accurately transfers voltage input -  15-May-03 Issue of EDN  When you connect remote sensors .... Test inor out circuit…..
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    The high temperature SPHB system consists of impact load- ing apparatus, striker bar, input bar, output bar, transmitter bar, heater installation and measuring instrument, as shown in Fig. 4(a). .... The transient workpiece temperature profiles are measured by INOR fast response ther- mocouples whose diameters are 2…
  • A high-accuracy pedestrian positioning information system using pico cell techniques
    Oneis that only a transmitter is used. .... The other is im- proving in the temperature dependency of the performance. .... formingthe E- marker, its shape must be carefully designed to reduce the E-marker's volumewhilemaintainingitsperformace. Inor - zone.
  • Process of exotrophy in fish. Effect of heavy metals—Zn and Cu
    …functioning in the whole body of the fish nutrition objects also depends on temperature and рH medium. .... to their action on transmitter systems [14]. .... However, Zn and Cu entering digestive tract in the form of inor ganic compounds can depress considerably…
  • Involvement of lipids in solute transport in yeasts
    electrical excitation of axons and neurons, in binding of drugs, transmitters and hormones to their receptors, in .... Various factors like growth status, carbon source, temperature , and nutrients including growth factors and oxygen tension have .... ities.2,42,50-S2,61,72,89,114 Accumulation of inor - .