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  • TechTip: Digital I/O Techniques
    This document is intended for users who configure and operate the digital input/output channels of a DAQ system.
  • Application Note: Output Inductor Selection for the AAT115X Series Buck Converter
    input. The AAT115X peak current mode control loop senses the current flowing through the high-side P-channel MOSFET and compares it to the output of the voltage loop error amplifier. Sufficient sensed current slope is important for good noise immunity and a wide duty cycle dynamic range. Moreover
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    . The RSSI current output is LFDATA/ linearly proportional to the input signal strength. Device LCZ 96 CCLK/SDIO features are controlled by the programming of its internal V V 87DD DD Configuration registers. The device has programmable internal tuning capacitors for each input channel. The user can program
  • Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice
    Space-Time Coding: Theory and Practice. Covering the fundamental principles of space-time coding for wireless communications over multiple-input multiple-output channels, this book sets out practical coding methods for achieving the performance improvements predicted by the theory.
  • Simulation of Beamforming using FD-MIMO
    With 3GPP expanding the potential transmit antennas for LTE-Advanced Pro eventually to as many as 64, detailed modeling of the channel characteristics is becoming increasingly complex. This presentation demonstrates a new predictive tool for simulating Full Dimension Multiple Input, Multiple Output
  • Practical Examples of Parallel Alignment Automation
    optimization across multiple degrees-offreedom, inputs and outputs, elements and channels.
  • Switch Mode Battery Eliminator Based on a PIC16C72A
    The PIC16C72A is a member of the PICmicro (R) Mid-Range Family of 8-bit, high-speed microcontrollers. The PIC16C72 provides the following features: 5 Channel, 8-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (A/D) ? CCP Module to generate a PWM output I 2 C/SPI Module 3 Timers 8 Interrupt sources This application
  • How to Reduce SWaP of Satellite Command and Telemetry Subsystems
    IC and the ISL71841SEH analog multiplexer simplifies the design of a next-generation satellite command and telemetry subsystem and reduces footprint size by up to 50%, while doubling the number of telemetry data inputs and command outputs. We'll discuss the basic operation of the command output
  • The Ups and Downs of Taking the Bus
    and provide the three measurements as 0-10 volts outputs. The three voltages are converted to 4-20 milliamp readings and read by a conventional DeltaV analog input module. Exhaust gases are directed to the mass spectrophotometers by a 32-channel exhaust gas manifold (Figure 4). AS-i bus signals are used

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