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  • How to Select the Right Wire
    will focus on wire typically used in automotive applications and cover two main insulated wire types, such as automotive GPT primary wire and cross-link wire, as well as covering the importance of wire gauge size based on your application, current draw, potential electrical resistance, and voltage drop.
  • Benefits of Using Litz Wire
    Litz wire consists of a number of individually insulated magnet wires twisted or braided into a uniform pattern with the primary benefit of reducing AC losses in high frequency windings.
  • Tin Vs. Bare
    . Insulation-displacement connectors are designed to be connected to the conductor of an insulated wire by a connection process which forces a blade or blades through the insulation, removing the need to strip the wire before connecting. These connections are usually seen in low current applications
  • Test Report: Impact On Low Voltage Motor Performance
    This test report reviews the results of common and routine performance testing carried out on an electric motor before and after rebuilding the motor with Zeus-manufactured products including crystalline PEEK-coated magnet wire and PEEK Lay-Flat (R) tubing used as. insulating material.
  • Case Study: Motor Rewind with Zeus PEEK Insulation Products
    The purpose of this case study was to capture the observations on materials and processing during the rewind of a motor using Zeus crystalline PEEK-coated magnet wire and Zeus PEEK Lay-Flat (R) tubing as an insulating material. This study was done to compare the Zeus manufactured products
  • Jacketing Insulations
    JACKETS - Applied over primary insulation, shields, cable components or over the cable itself, Includes many of the primary insulating materials, containing nylon, neoprene, hypalon, ethylene-propylene rubber, polyurethane, etc. Jackets cover and protect the enclosed wires or core against damage
  • Tempco Improves Strip Heater Design
    A company who supplies and repairs processing equipment for the semiconductor industry approached Tempco with a mica insulated strip heater that was supplied to them by another heater manufacturer. The customer was experiencing issues with the thickness of the strip heater and having difficulties
  • How to Determine Bending Radius
    Our customers occasionally ask us: How tight can I get away with bending this cable? when installing wire and cable in trays with curves, in ducts, around building corners or around sheaves. Bending radius information provided by the NEC (National Electric Code) and the Insulated Cable Engineers
  • IR Keeps West Virginia Coal Miners Safe
    wire mounted near the roof on insulators. The rail (track) is the return. These systems power rail jeeps and locomotives that transport men and supplies to working sections of the underground. Trolley insulators are approximately 10 feet apart and insulate the trolley wire from either the roof
  • EDM Customer Grows Business with New Mitsubishi Technology
    the Haas brothers with diverse and interesting projects, while insulating them from the ups and downs of the auto industry. Brothers Walter and Branko Haas spent six months planning before they opened the doors of Haas Precision Corporation in 2002. The brothers' industry experience goes back to 1985
  • What Is a Ballast Resistor and Why Should I Use One?
    , please consult one of our sales engineers if you have any questions. Due to the high temperatures and voltage pulses that a ballast resistor must endure, wire wound resistors are the most reliable. To protect your ballast resistor and keep your HeNe system in working order, we recommend derating
  • Wirewound vs. Film Resistors for Precision Applications
    , they are stable (15-50ppm/yr) maintaining their precision over time because they are made with stable materials. Their TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) is low (<10ppm/°C) and can be controlled by selecting special wire alloys. (Usually, you need the lowest TCR, but a higher TCR has special interest
  • Design Considerations for Thermal Controls
    variety of options that enables you to receive a customized thermal control. You can choose the. length of the lead wires and the type of insulation for the wire. Do you require an insulating sleeve to electrically isolate the thermal. control? No problem, we can provide many different options. Tell
  • MSilica Nanoparticles Treated by Cold Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas Improve the Dielectric Performance of Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposites
    difficulties. The patterned. electrodes required by the traditional DEP are complex and. expensive to fabricate. In contrast, iDEP uses insulating. obstacles rather than the geometry of the electrodes to. generate non-uniformities in the electric field. iDEP. microdevices can thus be fabricated using