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  • The Complete Guide To Electrical Insulation Testing
    current that powers your equipment. The insulation must be just the opposite from a conductor: it should resist current and keep the current in its path along the conductor. To understand insulation testing you really don't need to go into the mathematics of electricity, but one simple equation
  • Insulation Testing of HV Rotating Machines
    HV rotating Machines have been for a long time a major component in many power systems such as generation of electricity and different types of motors. Due to its nature, any rotating machine needs to withstand electrical and mechanical stresses degrading the insulation materials causing
  • Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing
    A regular program of testing insulation resistance is strongly recommended to prevent electrical shocks, assure safety of personnel and to reduce or eliminate down time. It helps to detect deterioration of insulation in order to schedule repair work such as: vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, drying
  • Guide to Insulation-Piercing Connectors and Test Leads
    Information on insulation-piercing solutions, the different connection styles and features, and industry specific use
  • A Comparison of Localized Electronics Cleanliness Testing and Surface Insulation Resistance - Part 2
    This study is an investigation and comparison of the performance of no-clean liquid wave soldering fluxes using a commercially available localized extraction and cleanliness testing system and surface insulation resistance (SIR) testing.
  • Gate Drive Optocoupler Provides Robust Insulation in IGBT Destructive Tests
    if catastrophic failures like IGBTs short circuit induce higher energy power into the optocoupler. This paper will discuss the impact of unprotected IGBT destructive tests on the insulation barrier of an Avago gate drive optocoupler.
  • How to Test the Insulation Strength of Slip Ring
    Conductive slip ring is very important in the industry and plays a pivotal role. But if not understand the conductive slip ring very well , it's will affect the normal use. The following is to share the knowledge of conducting slip rings, namely how to check the insulation strength of conducting
  • Understanding Insulation Measurements on Telephone Cables
    Insulation resistance measurement is a non-destructive measurement method when carried out under normal test conditions. It is accomplished by applying a DC voltage lower than that used for a dielectric test,...[t]his resistance value expresses the quality of insulation between two conductive
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Insulation for Vessels and Piping
    Cryogenic vacuum insulation systems, with proper materials selection and execution, can offer the highest levels of thermal performance. Three areas of consideration are vital to achieve the optimum result: materials, representative test conditions, and engineering approach for the particular
  • Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines
    . This paper investigates functional electrical insulation integrity of highly thermally-conductive silicone-impregnated-fiberglass insulation through short-term, highly accelerated aging tests. This insulation system offers up to three times the thermal conductivity of traditional insulation, which
  • The Effect of FR-4 Laminate Materials on the Surface Insulation Resistance of Wave Soldering Fluxes
    It has been observed that, since the implementation of Pb-free processing, different flux chemistries produce different surface insulation resistance (SIR) results depending on the test coupon laminate used. The most likely reason for these results are differences in the FR-4 laminate chemistry
  • Varistor Testing (.pdf)
    This note details the common tests of varistor parameters and describes suitable test methods using simplified test circuits. All tests are performed at 25 o C, unless otherwise specified. The test circuits and methods given herein are intended as a general guide. Since the tests frequently entail
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    is presenting its T-Tubes clean environment insulation: the only insulation in the world that is tested and approved by Factory Mutual to its Cleanroom Standards. T-Tubes are only ¼-inch thick, require no jacketing, are suitable for high- and low-temperature applications, have excellent toxicity
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    /biotechnology market requirements. Construction features triple-sloped IAQ drain pans, welded floors, galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel casings with foam or fiberglass insulation. A wide array of components are available, as is complete unit factory testing and start-up. Cashco, Inc./Valve Concepts, Inc
  • Key Properties of Conductor Insulation and Jacket Materials
    Virginia Plastics is not responsible for its accuracy or reliability. All materials are available in multiple grades, which can have varying properties. Virginia Plastics does not warrant the suitability of a material for a specific application, and the customer should perform their own testing

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