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  • Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches - (83 companies)
    Noncontact safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. For noncontact actuating interlock switches, the guard door is linked to the control circuit contacts via a magnetic or electronic field...
    Normally Open Contacts
    Normally Closed Contacts
    Changeover Contacts
  • Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches-Image
    Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches - (119 companies)
    Mechanical safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. When the guard door is opened, the power is isolated, ensuring that the machine does not pose a hazard while an operator requires access...
  • Doors-Image
    Doors - (1380 companies)
    ...large bays. A garage door may be manually operated or automatically operated with an electronic garage door opening system. Garage doors are constructed of individual linked sections or slats with rollers that move along a track to open and close...
  • Lockout and Tagout Devices-Image
    Lockout and Tagout Devices - (85 companies)
    Interlocks and tag out devices "lock out" valves, electrical switches or other components. These devices are used typically during service or maintenance of machinery or process equipment. Interlocks and tag out devices "lock out" valves, electrical...
  • Unit Handling Conveyors-Image
    Unit Handling Conveyors - (391 companies) parallel. Chain conveyors are unit handling conveyors that can be divided into five sub-categories: push-bar conveyors, twin chains conveyors, sliding chain conveyors, heavy-duty plates for assembly conveyors, and apron or slat conveyors. Each type...
    Aerostructures - (46 companies)
    Aerostructures include the constituent modules of an aircraft's airframe such as the fuselage, wings, empennage, flight control surfaces, nacelles, and pylons.
    Bulk Handling Conveyors - (562 companies)
    ...of the advancing flight and is pushed through the trough. Particles in the heap, adjacent to the flight surface, are carried part way up the flight surface and then flow down on the forward-moving side of the heap. Slat conveyors have slats that are spaced...
    Industrial Floor Mats - (463 companies)
    Industrial floor mats include rubber mats and matting, modular floor mat systems, and other matting for traction, impact protection, worker ergonomics and comfort. They can include functional features such as ESD protection.
    Flooring (industrial) - (888 companies)
    ...products include: Solid wood - Made from a single piece of lumber. Engineered wood - Consists of multiple layers that are glued together in a cross-grain lamination. Long-strip - A type of engineered wood flooring that is made of individual slats...
    Rebar Supports and Couplers - (39 companies)
    Rebar supports and spacers are used to secure the reinforcing steel or rebar in reinforced concrete structures. Prior to the final concrete pour, the rebar is assembled in-place with the rebar chairs, slab bolsters, or wagon wheels.

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