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  • Intrinsic Safety Barriers-Image
    Intrinsic Safety Barriers - (84 companies)
    Intrinsic safety (IS) barriers are devices that limit the current, voltage, and total energy delivered to a sensor in a hazardous area or flammable environment in order to prevent an explosion. Intrinsic safety barriers are devices that limit...
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  • Light Curtains-Image
    Light Curtains - (230 companies)
    ...a killswitch arrests the hazard until the optical boundary has been reestablished. A light curtain's main advantage is that it does not impose a physical barrier on personnel. As such, an operator is able to access guarded components without mechanical...
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  • Gloveboxes and Isolators-Image
    Gloveboxes and Isolators - (108 companies)
    Gloveboxes and isolators are used to contain hazardous substances or materials that must not come in contact with the outside environment.
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    Waterway Barriers and Booms - (79 companies)
    Waterway barriers and waterway booms are safety and security devices that contain debris or spills, restrict vessel and port access or act as water hazard and dam safety barriers. Waterway barriers and waterway booms are safety and security devices...
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  • Traffic Safety Equipment-Image
    Traffic Safety Equipment - (398 companies)
    Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers or high visibility guidance systems to help control traffic flow. Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers to help control traffic flow. Traffic safety equipment...
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    Gas and Vapor Barriers - (118 companies)
    Gas and vapor barriers are used on the exterior of buildings to allow air flow, but limit the passage of moisture. Gas and vapor barriers, also known as membranes, consist of materials or structures used to prevent gas and other vapors from...
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    Safety Blocks - (14 companies)
    ...the machine down. Other safety devices used in conjunction with safety blocks include safety sensing equipment. Safety sensors use photoelectric devices that detect when an object or person passes through a light barrier. A safety sensor can shut down...
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    Industrial Safety Gates - (113 companies)
    ...control, two-way flow control, one-at-a-time flow control, alarm-actuated entry and exit, blocked barrier entry, or a safety interlock component. Industrial safety gates that incorporate other technologies to protect plant personnel and property...
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    Safety Clothing - (697 companies)
    Safety clothing (also personal protective equipment, or PPE) is functional attire that minimizes the wearer's occupational risks. PPE is considered the last line of defense in worker safety, yet remains a crucial aspect of it. Safety clothing...
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    Safety Mats - (162 companies)
    Safety mats are presence-sensing devices used to guard a floor area around a machine or robot. Safety mats are used to guard a floor area around a machine or robot. A matrix of interlocking safety mats is laid around the hazardous area and any...
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  • ISA FLDBUS PROC CNTRL ENG OPER MAINT - Fieldbuses for Process Control: Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance
    …Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) 137 diagnosing 367 diagnostics 196, 391 digital 6, 67 distributor 69 documentation 348 … initialization manual (IMan) 225 input calibration 364 input channel 237 input simulation 238 interchangeability 374 interface 74-75, 96 interface hardware 342 Internet Protocol 114, 408, 441 interoperability 6, 14, 28–29, 31, 38, 168, 290, 343 intrinsic safety 73–74, 101 IP (Internet … 408–409 RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) 68, 150, 282, 302 safety 316, 393 safety barrier 104 safety-related…
  • City traffic planning
    Tangent polygon, inner 414 tangential and ring line 610 tank and recess installation 459 tariff, multistage 784 .... Validity 105 variant 355 vectorial nature 13 74 planned to change barrier 810 ramification network 490 blandness of planning 806 connecting function 333, 463, 477 connecting function stage 335, 470 methods interweaving distance 345 Verfrühung, 15 formalized 15-nicht-formalisiertes planungsrechtliches 16 … 465 traffic prognosis compatible to 243 traffic space of foot traffic 516 road safety 147, 165,721 … catalog 11, 13, 357 target orientation, fahrtzweckspezifische 10 target value 230 feeder and distributor function 608 access…
  • Fieldbus for process automation in hazardous locations - actual developments
    Figure 5: Bus systemwith Fieldbus Distributors . .... This configuration represents thus a compromise het- 'ween the costly solution with barriers for each indivi- dual .... This very universal configu- ration peimits the fast data communication by means of RS-485 (also possible in type of protection intrinsic safety ) or in non-intrinsically safe technology (Ex e) as well as by means of opiical transmission elements (fiber-optic…
  • Distillation technology – still young and full of breakthrough opportunities
    These heat pumps have no intrinsic (temperature) limitations and therefore, their application range is quite large within … reason is that several problems such as the dynamic seal, middle feed, liquid distributor and the multi … cyclic distillation is the pseudo-steady-state operation that requires special operator training and additional safety measurements. .... The industrial applications of reactive distillation are flourishing as thescientificcommunityandthetechnologyprovidersremovethe barriers for implementation, develop heuristic process synthesis…
  • Dubbel
    …injection pumps P 72 -, axial piston-distributor injection pump P 72 -, radial piston- distributor injection pump P … G 48 pretwist R 18 operation X 2, F 41 approach models Y safety C 5 antechamber … film of liquid G 89 -, hysteresis losses G 96 -, inner ring G 82 -, inner axial force component … resistance thermometers W 20 resistance materials I 7 resistance value I 7 restarting barrier F 18 recycling…
  • Machine tools construction and calculation
    Identity loss 346, 579 Indirect touch 496, 626 Induced counter voltage, Inner supply, 601 inversion. .... Leonard set, 386, 406 idling speed, 497 power part, light grids, 660 light barrier 202, 660 light … belt conveyors, 602 disc element, 118 skirting board, 61 sliding gear trains, 553 busway , 647 slot control … 515, 610 secondary part, secondary adjustment, 497, 627 safeguards, vertical rotary machine, 8 safety concept 539, 615…
  • Forum: Chem. Ing. Tech. 11/2005
    Under the designation "field-bus- barrier " offer sophisticated field bus distributor not only a short circuit current limiting for every output, but allow also the eigensicheren connection of correspondingly certified devices. .... Together is a high operational safety necessary with a stable, faultless signal transmission as all the connected .... [2] U. Johanns meyer, Investigations into the Intrinsic Safety of of Fieldbus of system .
  • AE-Testing in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres - From the Requirements to an Intrinsically Safe System-Certified Realization
    • Distributors . .... Ship owners and involved classification societies insisted on the availability of a system certificate confirming intrinsic safety for the used sensors and isolation barriers and also for the whole installation for protection from the risk of a lightning strike into a signal…
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics
    AC 22, 37 accidental damage 59 AC distributor sub-panel 81 Acoustic performance 57 AC output 15 acrylic Plexiglas 29 air barrier  55, 70 air gap 46 air-handling unit (AHU) 119 air leakage 57 air mass 30 air permeability 55 air space 57 air space cavity 70 airtightness 44, 55, 57 Alan Gilbert Building 106 … in tariff 9, 15 fire fighting knock-out glazing 57 fire protection 72 fire resistance 101 fire safety  57 flash simulator 30 … heat soak test 59 heat-strengthened glass 109 heat-treated glasses 58 heritage buildings 163 heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer 21 high…