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  • Network and Protocol Analyzers-Image
    Network and Protocol Analyzers - (134 companies)
    Network analyzers and protocol analyzers are test equipment used to troubleshoot and analyze network problems. Network and protocol analyzers are test equipment used to troubleshoot and analyze network problems. Network analyzers monitor the traffic...
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  • Vector Network Analyzers-Image
    Vector Network Analyzers - (59 companies)
    Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) Information. Vector network analyzers (VNA) measure the complex transmission and reflection characteristics of two-port devices in the frequency domain. They sample the incident signal, separate the transmitted...
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  • Scalar Network Analyzers-Image
    Scalar Network Analyzers - (46 companies)
    Scalar network analyzers measure the amplitude portion of scattering or S-parameters, reflection and transmission coefficients between the incident and reflection waves that describe a device’s behavior under linear conditions at the microwave...
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  • Traffic Safety Equipment-Image
    Traffic Safety Equipment - (404 companies)
    Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers or high visibility guidance systems to help control traffic flow. Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers to help control traffic flow. Traffic safety equipment...
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  • Network Monitoring Software-Image
    Network Monitoring Software - (200 companies)
    ...robust. Such software often uses protocol analyzers to decode wired equivalent privacy (WEP) protocols and keys and insure all traffic within the WAN is valid and authorized. Suppliers of network monitoring software typically provide solutions designed...
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    Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers - (245 companies)
    Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers are passive receivers that display the signal in the form of easily identifiable data. Spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers display raw, unprocessed signal information such as voltage, power, period, wave...
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    Particle Analyzers - (240 companies)
    Particle analyzers are used to determine the physical makeup of individual particulates in aerosols, dispersion, emulsions, powders, and other samples. Particle analysis is also used to determine particle velocity and surface charging. Particle...
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    Texture Analyzers - (36 companies)
    Texture analyzers evaluate the cohesiveness, spreadibility, fracturability, tackiness, gumminess, firmness, pliability, consistency and other texture characteristics of foods, rubber, foams, coatings, grease, asphalt and other materials. They differ...
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    Network Test Equipment - (293 companies)
    ...that for every Gigabit transmitted, one bit is sent or received in error. Network analyzers and local area network (LAN) analyzers monitor traffic on a network. This network test equipment collects information about packet sizes, the number...
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    Logic Analyzers - (74 companies)
    Logic analyzers are used in development of computer systems and networks to find the source of hardware or software design flaws. Using a logic analyzer during the production phase can minimize the likelihood that serious problems with hardware...
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  • Sustainable Cities Development and Environment
    4.06 ×109. .... idea of “Headquarters City” that achieves upgrading of urban function based on the advantages of corporate networks . .... The core of intelligent transportation is traffic information, with the character of traffic collection, transmission, processing and .... sapindaceae, beech, ginkgo, willows, malushalliana, maple, etc; with shrubs such as iris ,. .... fermentor with equipment, gas analyser , storage of fermentation residues, solids feeder, pipe network and pumping equipment, submersible…
  • 2011 International Conference in Electrics, Communication and Automatic Control Proceedings
    …benzaldehyde, 2- methyl- (12.28%), phenol, 2,6-dimethoxy- (5.56%), 1,2-benzenediol, 3- methoxy- (4.98%), ethanone, 1-(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)- (4.3%), hydroquinone mono-trimethylsilyl ether (4.19%), cyclohexane, 1,2,3-trimethyl- ( 4.06 %), phe- nol, 4 .... have beautiful scenery and good traffic , can be developed on tourism at a proper level. .... the information- alization of city management, develop e-commerce and strengthen the information network of city planning .... The wavelet base and wavelet transform analyzer system’s research in project signal processing [D]. .... Investment, 1385, 1386, 1388 Invisibility and Visibility, 437, 438 Invoicing, 537–541 IPF, 1115–1119 Iris segmentation, 207, 208…
  • Computational Social Networks
    In: 24th Annual Information Systems Research Seminar In Scandinavia ( IRIS ’24), pp. 1–14 (2001) 12. .... Heinze, N., Reinhardt, W.: Future social learning networks at universities – an exploratory seminar setting. .... social network participants are often inactive, while few key users generate a large portion of data/ traffic . .... 4.06 . .... The filtered data was analysed using Organisational Risk Analyser (ORA) tool (
  • Materials Science and Information Technology II
    76.00± 4.06 . .... of the model proposed in this paper is the selection of data records Iris plants (three categories .... With the digital images are more commonly and frequently transmitted in the public communication network . .... over the world, the digital video surveillance systems have been widely used in traffic monitoring, social security .... [4] Zhu Ning-hua,Wang You-lin, Chen Zhen-yu, Calibration of microwave network analyzer [J].
  • Next Generation Intelligent Optical Networks
    In this case, point P = (−2.85, −1.74), Q = (2.93, 4.06 ) and P + Q = R = (0.932, −2.06). .... 10 Network Security. .... re)assignment control message (“λ-REASSIGN”) to the receiving end, while it moves traffic from the degraded … rely on feature extraction from bio- metric data obtained from fingertip(s), palm, iris , face, voice, writing .... Alain Aspect et al., “Experimental Tests of Bell’s Inequalities Using Time-Varying Analyzers ”, Physics Review Letters…
  • Intelligent Computing
    - 4.06 . .... improvement by the use of a particular ensemble method with respect to a single network , to 100%. .... reason is that there have been more commercial demands for automatic vehicle moni- toring and traffic control. .... Iris . .... IS Analyzer .
  • MICAI 2006: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
    Biometric Personal Identification Based on Iris Pat- terns, In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pattern .... Histograms, Wavelets and Neural Networks Applied to Image Retrieval. .... The first step is to use a morphological analyzer to obtain the set of all possible PoS .... Traffic lights are placed on both sides of the tunnel, which can be either red or green. .... 4.06 .
  • Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems
    CASIA Iris data version.1 [EB/OL] (October 2003). .... The taint analysis in TEMU supports several taint sources like inputs from keyboard, network interfaces and hard .... An Analysis and Assessment Method of WCDMA Network Traffic . .... Then the basic analyser subtracts the basic information of the packets. .... 4.06 .
  • Neural Information Processing
    Although these analyzers produce mea- surements with high level of accuracy, such stations require frequent calibration and .... In [4], a smart sensor network for air quality monitoring applications has been discussed. .... of nearby people and social situa- tion ─ Physical context: lighting and noise, traffic condition, temperature, time. .... 7.45 (± 0.54) 7.98 (± 0.53) 16.12 (± 0.95) 66.1 (± 4.06 ) 286.03 (± 12.3) 50. .... In contrast to other biometric systems (such as face, iris and fingerprint), hand recognition has many advantages…
  • Information and Communication Technologies
    A GUI to enhance the user friendliness of the morphological analyzer engine was also developed using Java .... A QOS Framework for Mobile Ad-Hoc in Large Scale Networks . .... This proposal is quite different for MANET which provides QoS with CBR traffic distribution [2]. .... - 4.06 . .... of kernels depicted in table 1 to three bench mark datasets (Liver Disorder, Iris , Heart) from UCI…