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  • Industrial Pins-Image
    Industrial Pins - (756 companies)
    Montana Hydraulics / CC BY-SA 4.0. Configurations. Individual categories and pin types can be better assessed in their selection guides, linked in the table below. Pin Type. Image. Description. Dowel Pins. Drive pin. Image credit: RCP Crawlers. Drive...
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  • Computer Motherboards-Image
    Computer Motherboards - (307 companies)
    Choices include CPU slots for active backplanes and ISA slots for ISA cards. Computer motherboards may also be equipped with PCI slots for PCI cards, or slots for Mini PCI or PCI Express cards. Some suppliers of computer motherboards offer products...
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  • Dowel Pins-Image
    Dowel Pins - (198 companies)
    Dowel pins are industrial fasteners that are used to assemble two or more items together. They are short, cylindrical rods. The dowel pins can be tapered, slotted, grooved, or otherwise altered to change its mechanical properties. They are commonly...
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  • Spring Pins-Image
    Spring Pins - (108 companies)
    Spring pins are hollow dowel pins manufactured from spring steel. Types. There are two main types of products: coiled. slotted. Coiled spring pins are made of spring steel or another metal, and are coiled into a hollow cylindrical shape. Roll pins...
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  • Hitch Pins and Linch Pins-Image
    Hitch Pins and Linch Pins - (87 companies)
    Configurations. Several types of hitch and linch pins exist, mostly differentiated by their locking mechanism. Hybrid styles of two pin types covered below are very common. Hitch pins link two mating components and are held in position on one end...
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    Slotting Machines - (22 companies)
    Slotting machines are cutting machines designed to machine slots into a workpiece. Slotting machines are used for a variety of applications and industries. How to Select Slotting Machines. Slotting machines or slotters are cutting machines designed...
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    Groovers and Slotters - (149 companies)
    Groovers and slotters are tools for cutting narrow grooves or slots in a workpiece. A groover is used to adjust the width of a groove and it can be unassembled if required. Slotters are tools that move back and forth to cut a workpiece which is fed...
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    PCB Pins and Receptacles - (70 companies)
    ...receptacles offer many different types of PCB pins: Double-tail header pins. Edge-mount pins. Nail-head pins. Solder-cup terminal pins. Slotted terminal pins. Solder-mount PCB pins. Solderless press-fit PCB pins. Spring-loaded pins. Surface mount...
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    Plug and Pin Gages - (182 companies)
    Plug and pin gauges are used to compare hole and slot dimensions or locations to specific tolerances. This product area includes go gauges and no-go gauges. Plug and pin gages are used to compare hole and slot dimensions or locations to specific...
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    Specialty Pins - (120 companies)
    ...pins, including coiled and rolled or slotted pins. Specialty cotter pins and specialty wire clips come in styles such as clinch, hairpin cotter, hairpin clip, ring cotter, twist pin, circle cotter, and safety pin. Specialty hitch pins and specialty...
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  • Shopping - Best Prices On The ISA2S550 Serial Adapter - Big Bruin
    ISA2S550 - 2 x 9- pin DB-9 Male RS-232 Serial ISA - 1 Pack's ISA-based RS232 Serial Card (16550 UART) can be installed in an ISA motherboard slot to add two RS232 serial COM ports, with support for … … offers a full built-in jumper set to ensure easy configuration and broad compatibility._x000D_ …
  • Real time DSP based identification of surface defects using content-based imaging technique
    Image grabber and parallel processor cards are housed in ISA slots of PC. For image acquisition. sensor (video camera) udiich is soft\varc coiifigurablcand is configured for desired horizontal and vertical … … p, 75n) of CCD camcra is connected to the image grabber card through a % pin connector.
  • KT7A-Raid, SB Live 5.1 Plat ATI AIW 128 pro AGP Problems
    The KT7 family of boards (including the A models) use the below IRQ configuration . Easiest way to get around this is to set IRQ5 to Legacy/ ISA in the BIOS (this … Also the following IRQ resources are set to the PCI slots :- ○ "INT Pin 1": AGP card and PCI Slot 1 .
  • Real-time 3D visualization of volumetric video motion sensor data
    This configuration is … the cost and complexity of an extended PCI bus (every set ofthree PCI slots requires a bus … … board (approximately 4 x 4 inches) with a bus that is electrically equivalent to an ISA bus. The only difference in the two bus architectures is the pin -out arrangement.
  • RAM
    … away for a year- it had only 16MB RAM- modules of the 72 pin memory chips have … Tops for my board is 80MB's, configured like this: bank 1-tops 32MB bank 2- 32MB tops … … very limited upgrading other than a good hard drive and one jump to a Pentium Overdrive processor that can be done, as the board is split in half with a riser controller card and the PCI/ ISA slots are on that parallel …
  • Implementing PCI Express on PC/104-Size Modules - Nasa Tech Briefs :: NASA Tech Briefs
    … as an Industry Standard Module with the scalable SUMIT connectors (“and/or” only 52 pins each) placed in … A PC/104 connector is also supported in the SUMIT-ISM legacy configuration to allow PC/104 modules to … … installed base of hundreds of system manufacturers who would rather not reengineer their ISA -based software at … However, a recent update to the ISM definition uses slotted mounting holes, allowing a SUMIT-ISM module …
    Its hardware interface is also identical to the 16-bit ISA bus found on PCs except the pin configuration is in a different format. By contrast, other architectures use backplanes in which cards are inserted into slots .
  • Stackable Computer Architecture Moves to 3rd Generation - Nasa Tech Briefs :: NASA Tech Briefs
    … the 104-pin PC/104 connector and the Type 2 board supports the 120- pin PCI-104 connector … … the asymmetrical PC/104 module, a Type 2 module form factor was defined with a slotted hole pattern. This enables SUMIT-ISM modules to support either the PC/104 ISA bus or the PCI-104 PCI … … design that will stack on SUMIT-enabled SBCs with different PC/104-type expansion configurations that support 90 …
  • Cryptographic Security Architecture
    PC/104-Plus, an extension to PC/104, adds a 120- pin PCI connector alongside the existing ISA one, but is otherwise mostly identical to PC/104 [52]. In addition to these form factors, there also exist card PCs (sometimes called slot PCs), which are … A typical configuration for an entry-level system is a 5x86/133 CPU (roughly equivalent in performance to …
  • My last post on AMD
    Easiest way to get around this is to set IRQ5 to Legacy/ ISA in the BIOS (this … Also the following IRQ resources are set to the PCI slots :- ○ "INT Pin 1": AGP card and PCI Slot 1 … number to be used by a particular "INT Pin #" using the PNP/PCI Configurations Setup in the …

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