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  • CR4 - Blog Entry: Kevin Costner Shows Machine that Extracts 97% of Oil From Water
    Re: Kevin Costner Shows Machine that Extracts 97% of Oil From Water. .... I had to clean both Sharples and DeLaval (Alpha Laval now??) centrifuges aboard ship which were used to remove any water from the reduction gear oil sump system .
  • Emergency Response Management of Offshore Oil Spills: Guidelines for Emergency Responders
    …Resources, a public company that purchased exclusive rights to build, own, and operate EncapSol oil-extraction systems . .... oil sludge, pro- ducing an end-product that includes saleable crude oil and clean , oil-free sand .... 5.2 Centrifuges . .... The actor Kevin Costner formed a company with his brother called Ocean Therapy Solutions, and they introduced an incredibly simple concept.
  • Oil field of dreams
    In 1993, I took my pile and I acquired a centrifuge technology out of the United States … the Exxon Valdez happened again, how long would it take for us to clean it up? “. .... costner likens the Gulf of mexico oil spill disaster to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. .... I thought what in the hell had I been smoking, stupid Kevin . “. .... see the light of day as it dropped and spread into the Gulf’s valuable eco system . “ .
  • CR4 - Blog Entry: BP Begins Fighting Oil Spill With Kevin Costner's Oil-Separating Centrifuges
    What's the chance that this centrifuge process could contribute to cleaning up the "garbage swirls" in the world's oceans? .... Re: BP Begins Fighting Oil Spill With Kevin Costner 's Oil-Separating Centrifuges. .... You might be interested in: Industrial Process Centrifuges, Spill Containment Systems , Laboratory Centrifuges .
  • Dealing with Contaminated Sites
    …at 20◦C for 2 h, after which the pH is measured, the mixture centrifuged and the centrifugate .... It was initially designed for aquatic systems (e.g., Di Toro et al. 2001), but more recently … contaminated site, at which the contamination source is or was active, to another, clean site, often with .... “Build and they will come” was the mantra of the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams”, but it was the US EPA’s Carl Alvarez who introduced the phrase to a European Brownfield regeneration audience at the first CABERNET plenary meeting in Athens…
  • Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers
    Martanto, W., Smith, M.K., Baisch, S.M., Costner , E.A., and Prausnitz, M.R.,. .... Work is continuing on iontophoretic devices, and the first prefilled ionto- phoretic patch system known as Lidosite .... S. Kevin Li and William I. Higuchi. .... The culture tubes were then centrifuged for 15 min at 3500 rpm and the clear supernatants were … Piérard-Franchimont, C., and Piérard, G.E. Sensitive skin and stratum corneum reactivity to household cleaning products.
  • Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology
    …with mixture of Hypnorm, Dormicum, and distilled water (1:1:2) and placed on a clean table. .... 1984) showed that C57BL/6 mice immunized with a syngeneic supernatant of liver homogenate centrifuged at 100 kg … pertaining to viral pathogen- esis, mostly because they are outbred species whose immune system is far from .... Wendy M. White2 , Kevin G. Moder3 and. .... TNF agents such as infliximab (Iorizzo and Jorizzo 2008), and leflunomide (Boswell and Costner 2008) have been…
  • Autoimmune Diseases of the Skin
    Medicine;87(2):70–86 Boswell JS, Costner MI. .... Rarely found clinical findings were alterations of the nervous system , renal lesions and diffuse sclerosis in both .... The tube should be transported and centrifuged at 37 C, then kept for 72 hours at 4º … include: t lubrication of the mucosa so that the tongue can help with cleaning out residual food .... Pia Freyschmidt-Paul, Kevin McElwee, and Rolf Hoffmann .
  • Introduction to Clinical Skills
    This can be determined without a Coulter counter by centrifuging a small tube of blood and comparing … illness, past medical history, current medications, allergies, family history, social history, review of systems , vital signs, complete .... For the next 20 years she was employed cleaning buildings but after she turned 40 her adopted .... If you've seen the movie Dances with Wolves, you may recall the scene where Kevin Costner first encounters the natives.
  • Development of Acetic Acid Removal Technology for the UREX+Process
    …R. Falkenberg, Artem V. Felix, Lohman D. Hafenrichter, Ralph A. Leonard, Candido Pereira, Kevin J. Quigley, Yifen .... of the dual acid system to those in the pure water tests, the presence of nitric and .... The contactor used in the study was a Costner Industries version 02 annular centrifugal contactor with some .... Using plastic disposable centrifuge tubes,. .... of 1:1, the same TBP/Dodecane used in the test was stripped and cleaned with NaOH and…

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