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  • Handbook of Adhesive Chemical and Compounding Ingredients
    Roskydal® K 20 P [Bayer Polymers] Chem. Descrip.: Amine-activated unsat. polyester resin (68%) in styrene Uses: Cobinder in combination with other Roskydal grades to adjust cer- tain props., e … of ten- sion during curing, in knifing fillers and adhesives for…
  • Dubbel
    …separation S 39 -, laser separation S 62 separating grinding machines T 95 staircase step method E 27 … monitor H 15 Ulbrichtsche ball W 22 ultrafiltration N 11, N 20 ultrasound drilling S 87 ultrasound devices S 87 ultrasound depressions S 87 ultrasound-flow meters W 19 ultrasound method … vibrations B 40 unsaturated polyester resins UP E 80 Ungleichförmigkeitsgrad…
  • Paraloid B-72 as a Structural Adhesive and as a Barrier within Structural Adhesive Bonds: Evaluations of Strength and Reversibility
    Epoxy: Araldite AY 103 epoxy resin with HY 991 hardener 2. .... Polyester : Akemi Marmokitt 1000 knife grade polyester with benzoyl peroxide-based catalyst 3.
  • The disassembly and reassembly of an Egyptian limestone sculpture
    The resin was allowed to dry overnight. .... The Akemi Knife Grade Polyester was then applied over the B-72 so that two blocks could be adhered together.
  • Unusual collagen aggregates induced in rat incisor dentin after vinblastine administration
    In both groups, the inci- sors were postfixed for 90 min with a 1% osmium tetroxide so- lution, dehydrated in graded ethanol, and embedded in either epoxy resin (Epok 812, Oken Shoji Co., Tokyo, Japan) or poly- ester resin (Rigolac, Oken Shoji … with an ultramicrotome (LKB Type lid equipped with a glass or a diamond knife and were observed…
  • Plasma membrane regeneration in the myxomyceteBadhamia utricularis
    White acrylic resin (medium grade :hard grade = 3 :7) for 2 hours, followed by several changes of pure resin . .... was accomplished by placing specimens in size 00 gelatin capsules fitted with a polyester disc (RIDGWAYand CHESTNUT1984). .... for 20 hours at 60 ~ Silver-gold sectionswere cut with a diamond knife on a Sorvall…
  • Plasma membrane regeneration and membrane dynamics of the myxomyceteBadhamia utricularis : Colloidal gold uptake and cytochemical staining studies
    Specimenswereinfiltrated with a 1: 1mixture of absolute ethanol and L.R. white acrylic resin (medium grade:hard grade = 1:1) for 4 hours followed by several changes of pure resin . .... was accomplished by placing specimens in size 00 gelatin capsules fitted with a polyester disc (RIDGWAYand CHESTNUT1984). .... Pale gold sectionswerecut with a diamond knife on a Sorvall MT-2 B ultramicrotome and collected on…
  • Repair Methods for Stone Facades
    The authors have identified the use of polyester resin as the root cause of several expensive facade failures. .... High viscosity " knife grade " epoxies work well for most vertical or overhead applications except small crack repairs, where low viscosity is needed for the epoxy to penetrate sufficiently.
  • Epitaxial overgrowth of apatite crystals on the thin-ribbon precursor at early stages of porcine enamel mineralization
    …paraformaldehyde in 0.05 M caco- dylate buffer and then dehydrated in a graded ethanol series; and .... All dehydrated specimens were embedded in Polyester resin (Rigolac-2004, Nissin EM Co., Tokyo). .... 812, and ultrathin sections were prepared on a Sorvall Porter-Blum microtome equipped with a diamond knife .
  • Plastics for construction protection and the emphasizing repair
    …338 aftertreatment means 194 pressing after device 390 393 Nachvernetzen 289 needles 251 needle gun 252, 262, 438 nanotechnology 180 wet-compressed air jets 440 wet film thickness blades 320 wet spraying technique … wet beams 440 natural resin 418 natural train cooling … 176 surface condition of the ground 277 surface roughness 137, 445 surface purity class 332 surface rüttler … 3, 6, 11, 12, 43, 52, 55, 57, 62, 63, 70, 71, 73, 82, 86 Polyaddition resin 55, 62, 63, 71, 73 Polyadduct 3, 11, 171 polyamide 1, 4, 23, 134 polycarbonate 3, 4, 23, 47 polyesters 3, 4, 38, 47…