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  • How UV LED Curing Reduces Manufacturing Line Downtime
    to existing medium pressure arc lamp UV curing processes. This deep dive will help you gain a better understanding of the downtime reduction improvements for your manufacturing process.
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    Recent developments in curing equipment UV lamp offers fast curing time A powerful UV lamp is suitable for curing adhesives, epoxies, resins, and other materials. The Maxima 3500, supplied by (Westbury, NY, USA), delivers an average UVA intensity of 100,000 W/cm2 at 15 cm for rapid curing
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    wetting. Once that process is complete, a light source that is set to deliver a preset dose of UV light is triggered. This process results in the instantaneous hardening of the material, creating a very strong bond junction. Mercury arc lamps are commonly used for UV spot curing. A typical arc lamp
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    lamp can be used to identify fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particles. The UV-400 Super Flood comes with a 400-W metal halide
  • Ten Tips for Getting the Best Performance from Photocurable Adhesives
    Photocurable, ultraviolet (UV)- and light-curing adhesives are value-added replacements for traditional adhesives and are essential for many high-tech assembly operations where high throughput and delicate components are required. OEMs and other assemblers are switching to light cure products
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    . An exhaust airflow removes the particles. The Uvahand 250BL handheld UV lamp detects particles and microcontamination in cleanrooms. The 3-lb unit is especially useful for mobile applications, and it operates in all lighting conditions. It is equipped with a 250-W metal halide lamp and a black filter
  • Atlas Fade-Ometer Identifies Cause of Degradation and Sets Standard For Firefighter's Turnout Gear
    grant, Atlas Material Testing Technology donated a Ci3000 Fade-Ometer (R). The Ci3000 Fade-Ometer uses a xenon-arc lamp that can simulate UV and visible solar radiation more closely than any other light source. It is the most widely preferred light source when the end use environment of the material
  • Product Security Technologies and the Basics
    containing printed, colored or optically variable effects. Thermochromic inks and coatings that decolorize on warming. features are concealed, they are not immediately apparent and may require a relatively simple reader or verifier (such as a UV lamp or magnifier) to locate and identify them. They represent
  • Lighting up the night
    LEDs are rapidly taking over areas traditionally served by incandescent and fluorescent lights. And there's even brighter technology in the wings. These LED lamps replaced the original incandescent lamps used in the Bardavon Theater marquee and blade sign. Each lamp is made from a cluster of LED

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