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  • Laser Triangulation Sensors
    Offering extreme resolution and high measuring rates, laser triangulation sensors accurately measure displacement, position and vibrations on an engine manifold, powertrain or car body.
  • Tackling Laser Visibility
    Our customers often ask us if a laser spot can be seen in their application. While such information can be a critical factor in anything from alignment to targeting applications, the answer to this question can be difficult because it may vary from application to application. It is important
  • Synchronizing Position Synchronized Output (PSO) with Mode-Locked Lasers
    Many lasers are limited to firing pulses based on an internal clock source and cannot be asynchronously triggered from an external. signal such as from Aerotech's Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature. One approach to working with this laser type is to. set the pulse width of the PSO output
  • Linear Position and Displacement Measurement With Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors
    Virtually all capacitive and eddy-current sensor applications are fundamentally a measure of displacement (position change) of an object. This Application Note details the specifics of making such a measurement and what is required to make reliable measurements in micro and nano displacement
  • How to Push Efficiency Using Laser Triangulation Sensors
    Laser triangulation sensors project a red or blue laser beam onto the surface. The light reflected from the spot is imaged by an optical receiving system onto a position-sensitive element in the sensor. If the sensor or the measurement object are moved towards the laser beam, the laser sensor
  • The Best Laser Cutters and Engravers for Your Application
    engraving and the most precise camera positioning features on a laser system. The Fusion Pro Series introduces Epilog's IRIS TM Camera System, which features overhead cameras that allow users to see a real-time image of the laser bed, and laser operators can precisely position their artwork
  • Laser Triangulation: Getting from Point to Line
    , for years now Micro-Epsilon has held a leading position in the non-contact measurement technology market. The triangulation principle enables distance measurement on a broad range of different material surfaces. Depending on whether a laser point or a laser line is projected onto the object surface
  • Laser Distance Sensor with Time-of-Flight Technology for Precise Measurement
    Products Position sensors Sensors for motion control Industrial imaging Safety technology Process sensors Industrial communication IO-Link Identification systems Condition monitoring systems Systems for mobile machines Connection technology Software Power supplies Accessories. The sensor uses laser

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