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  • Proximity Sensors-Image
    Proximity Sensors - (927 companies)
    ...according to these published documents. IEC 60947-5-2 Control circuit devices and switching elements in low-voltage switchgear: DC switching interface for proximity sensors and switching amplifiers. FORD ES2 Proximity sensors. MIL-S-52868 Capacitance...
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  • Safety Sensor Switches-Image
    Safety Sensor Switches - (95 companies)
    ...proximity sensors with varying ranges of sensitivity and beam switches of varying size and means of activation. Industrial safety is managed by the presence of sensing devices, control machine operations protects personnel by detecting the presence...
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  • Two Hand Safety Modules-Image
    Two Hand Safety Modules - (26 companies)
    A two hand control station is comprised of an isolation transformer, an enclosure, an electrically coupled isolation transformer, and a capacitive proximity switch. An adjustable two hand safety module includes both pneumatic models and electric...
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  • Limit Switches-Image
    Limit Switches - (438 companies)
    ...of an object, while solid state devices use proximity sensors, light sensors, or electric switches. They can be used as control devices for normal machine operation or as emergency switches. Limit switches are extremely common devices used to solve...
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  • Optical Triangulation Position Sensors-Image
    Optical Triangulation Position Sensors - (72 companies)
    ...for monitoring the distance to small, fragile parts or soft surfaces susceptible to deformation if touched by a probe. Standards. IED 60825-1: Safety of Laser products. References. MTI Instruments Laser Triangulation Products. Image credits: MTI...
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    Safety Laser Scanners - (29 companies)
    Safety laser scanners are used to monitor activity within a dangerous work area. They can be used in stationary or mobile applications. A safety laser scanner is a safety device that provides high-level safety to equipment as well as to people...
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    Liquid Level Sensors - (706 companies) interpreted based on the amount of resistance or conductance of the substance which carries the current. Float sensors involve the opening or closing of a mechanical switch through either direct contact or magnetic operation from a device which floats...
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    Noncontact Safety Interlock Switches - (89 companies)
    Noncontact safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. For noncontact actuating interlock switches, the guard door is linked to the control circuit contacts via a magnetic or electronic field...
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    Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches - (126 companies)
    Mechanical safety interlock switches couple a moveable guard door with the power source of the hazard. When the guard door is opened, the power is isolated, ensuring that the machine does not pose a hazard while an operator requires access...
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    Lasers - (703 companies)
    ...higher peak power than a continuous mode laser. Q-switching results from the addition of an attenuator in the optical resonator so that the output beam is not allowed to emit until it achieves a high level of optical gain and energy storage...
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  • Dynamically variable spot size laser system
    A plurality of interoperable safety devices, including a manually depressible interlock switch , an internal proximity sensor, a remotely operated potentiometer, a remotely … power supply interlock, prevent activation of the laser and DVSS laser system if each safety device does not provide…
  • Handbook of Performability Engineering
    …monitoring devices Iv drip monitors Jet engine controllers Laptop computers Laser printers Lipstick Ln2 thermal … Printers Prostate treatment system Proximity fuses Racks of electronics … Refrigerators Respiratory gas monitors Safety and arming devices Shaker … welding systems Stereo receivers Switching power supplies Tape drive…
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    …the assessment of vibrations of vehicle sitting" part: Essential requirements, July 2010 EN 31 253 "lasers and laser installations, laser apparatus, Mechanical interfaces", 1995 … switching devices 42x80, position switch ; mass and characteristic values" … handgeführter 50 144-1 safety " part 1: General … 947-5-2 " low voltage switching devices, driving devices and switching elements, proximity switch, August 2008…
  • Automated Measurements of Road Cracks Using Line-Scan Imaging
    Since the high power infrared laser projector (class IIIB) is po- tentially hazardous to the unprotected human eyes, strict safety measures must be implemented to meet operation requirements mandated in many states in the United States. .... In addition to two manually operated switches (S1 and S2 in Fig. 4) to control the power and the safety interlock of the projector, one proximity sen- sor is mounted on the front plate of the enclosure to detect any ob- ject…
  • Laser Radar Receiver Channel With Timing Detector Based on Front End Unipolar-to-Bipolar Pulse Shaping
    The maximum optical peak power level may also be limited by the particular laser diode technology or for eye- safety reasons, for example. .... Pulsed TOF techniques can be used in a variety of applica- tions in industry, such as the profiling and scanning of surfaces in silos and containers (3D) [4], traffic velocity control, colli- sion avoidance, proximity switches and the creation of exclu- sion…
  • Construction of sicherheitsgerechter products
    …Mechanical" to February 2002 EN 30 326: Essential requirements, July 2010 EN 31 253 "lasers and laser installations − laser apparatus − Mechanical interfaces" … switching devices − position switch 42x80; mass and characteristic … handgeführter 50 144-1 safety " part 1: General … 2 " low voltage switching devices − driving devices and switching elements − proximity switch, August 2008…
  • Handbook of Materials Selection Complete Document
    Implantables: pacemaker activity monitor, vasecular graft monitor, micropower source Instrumentation: intravenous drop counter, IV air bubble detector, laser switch / monitor. .... target location, reaction time, foul time, force, sweet spot Toys / games: switches, proximity (air ranging, pyro … digitizers, mouse, joystick, pen, ink jet droplet generator, ink Robotics: tactical sensor, micropositioner, safety mats and switches…
  • Manual robotics
    …of the object to manipulate is or can become when ensured not with safety , that the object .... Such distance sensors can be constructed very simply, how complicated sensors, how spatially scanning infrared laser -transit time blade represent in the case of inductive proximity switches that provide only binary output values, or they can and construct complete landscape cards (Abb…
  • Optical multiple beam-forming systems for wireless communication antennas
    …perfect example where optical beamforming technology can play a key role as the ll benefits of optics such as low EMI and low rf hazards can be critical when human proximity to the antenna is a key safety concern as in automobiles. .... Earlier, we have described various optical time delay methods using laser arrays, optical polarization 2-D switching arrays coupled with polarization sensitive bulk optics for making relatively long delays (e.g., 0.5to 4 ns) for large microwave radarsystems [26].
  • RBS 70/90/RBS 23 BAMSE
    …missile The original RBS 70 system consists of the Mk 0 (Rb 70) laser -guided, short-range .... The nose is comprised of four subsections, these housing respectively (from the nose tip): a nose crush impact switch ; proximity fuzing electronics; a warhead and the safety arming device (SAD); and the guidance electronics.