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  • Voice Coil Actuators and Motors-Image
    Voice Coil Actuators and Motors - (27 companies)
    Voice coil actuators and motors generate force when subjected to an electrical current or magnetic field. The coil within the motor is the only moving component and is usually attached to a moveable load with a device such as a voice coil valve...
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    RoHS Compliant
    Shutters - (109 companies)
    Shutters are protective and/or decorative devices that are hung from a building to protect windows, doors, and other openings. They are made of metal, wood, plastic, or composite materials. Types. There are two basic types of shutters: interior...
    Rotary Solenoids - (67 companies) required (e.g., laser shutters). Their energized rotation (direction) is characterized as either clockwise or counterclockwise when viewed from the armature flange end. Most products have a spring return to bring the armature back to the home position...
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    Lasers - (698 companies)
    Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent radiation. The word "laser " is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers are devices that produce intense beams of monochromatic, coherent...
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    Motor Coils - (26 companies)
    Motor coils are used with motors, generators, stators, and armatures. Motor coils are used with motors, generators, stators, and armatures. Many feature Class F or Class H insulation and can be sealed for severe operating conditions. There are many...
    Electrical Coil Winding Machines - (57 companies)
    Equipment Information. Engineering360 --Speaker Voice Coil Winding Machine. Engineering360 --Contactor Coil Burnt. Image credit: Aumann GmbH / CC BY-SA 3.0...
    Automated Voice Answering Systems - (87 companies)
    Automated voice answering systems are used to take messages and to provide automated information retrieval requests. Automated voice answering systems are used to take messages and provide automated information retrieval requests. They reduce...
    Coil Heaters - (142 companies)
    Coil heaters and cable heaters are heating elements formed from straight (uncoiled) segments of round or square heating cable. Coil heaters and cable heaters are elongated heating elements. They include heating cables as well as coil heaters...
    Optical Choppers and Optical Shutters - (25 companies)
    Optical choppers are mechanical or electronic devices that pass and then interrupt a beam of light for a known brief interval. Optical shutters are used to control the amount of time that a light sensitive material is exposed to radiation. Optical...
    Voice Recognition Software - (45 companies)
    Voice recognition software is designed to recognize spoken words and convert them into digital data, computer commands, or text. Voice recognition software allows an operator to use his/her voice as an input device. A voice recognition system can...

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  • Voice coil-based scanning probe microscopy
    Scholten RE: Enhanced laser shutter using a hard disk drive rotary voice - coil actuator.
  • Feedback-controlled laser fabrication of micromirror substrates
    Such a voice coil ac- tuated head, previously used for making fast shutters ,19 electrically controlled the mirror position with minimal disturbance of the alignment and provided excellent re- peatability. With the CO2 laser spot size equal to w =4 mm at the lens, we estimate the …
  • New ultra large field submicron i-line stepper for advanced mix-and-match applications
    Precision machine lens, mirror, filter housings and laser alignment provide a well-defined optical train within the … This system contains an exposure detector and controls actinic radiation from the lamp via a symmetrical, dual-blade voice coil shutter .
  • New approach to cryogenic optical testing the James Webb Space Telescope
    Low frequency inputs resulting from the isolator modes are dealt with through parallel active mechanical control (eg, voice coils ) of the top isolators. … frequency corrections are made based on alignment information supplied by a DMI based laser truss (also used … … basic vibration cancellation approach, there remains a backup plan of using fast source shuttering and fast interferometry …
  • Direct measurement of longitudinal velocity by Doppler phase-shifting holography
    Ar-ion laser of 514 nm is used as the light source, which is introduced to an … A concave mirror of the radius of curvature is R = 30 m is traversed at tO = 100 lm/s by the voice coil motor and the reference mirror is at a rest, tR = 0 lm/s. … is 1024 9 1024 and its frame rate is 2000 fps with a shutter speed of 1/70 …
  • High Density Read/Write Optical System
    This lens, because of its high numerical aperture, has extremely short depth of focus, and it is mounted on a voice - coil actuator for servo focusing. The write beam exits from a water cooled argon- ion laser passes a mechanical safety shutter (2) through a focusing lens (3) and is focused inside the acousto-optic modulator (4) .
  • An asynchronous high-speed synchrotron shutter
    Capacitor-coupled linear voice coil actuators are utilized to achieve opening and closing speeds as fast as 700 µs for an aperture height of 4 mm. The design allows for asynchronous control, permitting slave operation of the shutter , a feature that is distinctly … Keywords: high-speed X-ray shutter; PIV; high-speed laser shutter; X-ray imaging; radiation dosage control …
  • Parallel separations of oligonucleotides with optically gated sample introduction on multi‐channel microchips
    Separa- tions carried out with optically gated sample introduction require a single electronic shutter to control the … To accomplish this, a voice coil actuator is used to move the microchip laterally to allow two station- ary laser beams to be scanned across the five parallel channels, thus simultaneously performing multiple injec- tions and detection.
  • Parallel analysis with optically gated sample introduction on a multichannel microchip.
    The microchip is fixed on a stage, which moves back and forth via the voice coil actuator, scanning two laser beams across the channels on the microchip. … potential for high-speed, high-throughput separations that are easily automated by using a single electronic shutter .
  • CARVE-FTS observations of arctic CO2, CH4, and CO: overview of the instrument
    The input telescope is equipped with an internal shutter for reference data. Scanning is performed using a voice coil rotary actuator. The Optical Path Difference (OPD) is monitored by a 1310 nm laser diode.