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    Sharpening Stones - (128 companies)
    ...of the cutting edges of knives, blades, or other cutting tools. Products with medium coarseness are well-suited for deburring, the removal of sharp edges from machining, casting, or other manufacturing processes. Sharpening stones with fine coarseness are used...
    Blades (wind turbine) - (15 companies)
    Wind turbine blades are air-foil shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. Wind turbine blades are airfoil-shaped blades that harness wind energy and drive the rotor of a wind turbine. The airfoil-shaped-design...
    Tool Grinders and Sharpeners - (41 companies)
    Tool grinders and sharpening machines are specialized for tool, die, punch, cutter, blade and drill point sharpening, grinding, honing, finishing, resharpening, refinishing or regrinding. Tool grinders and sharpening machines are versatile...
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    Grinders and Grinding Machines - (975 companies)
    ...and electronics. They are also used in: Cleaning and surface preparation. Deburring and deflashing. Tool and die sharpening. Construction. Maintenance and repair (MRO). Honing, lapping, and superfinishing equipment such as wafer planarization...
    Mowers - (65 companies)
    They are generally used for high quality lawn care. These mechanisms provide a cleaner cut, but are generally more expensive than similarly-sized rotary mowers. Rotary mowers utilize blades mounted to a shaft that rotate at high speeds to cut grass. These designs...
    Saw Blades - (687 companies)
    A circular saw blade fits a circular saw and is used to cut wood. A diamond saw blade contains diamond-tipped teeth and is used to cut nonferrous metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and building materials. A scroll saw blade fits a scroll saw and is used...
    Wheels - (356 companies)
    Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle.
    Knife Blades - (220 companies)
    ...change out and/or sharpening to keep the cutting edge at optimal performance. Configurations. Knife blades are commonly made of high speed/tool steel along with carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, or even ceramic, depending on application...
    Cutoff Wheels and Abrasive Saw Blades - (487 companies)
    Image Credit: CS UNITEC | Lapmaster International | Norton Abrasives. Cut-off wheels and abrasive saw blades are used to cut bars, stock, pipes and other materials that are made of metal, concrete, or masonry. These center-mounted devices consist...
    Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services - (235 companies)
    ...are other commonly available types of tool grinding services. With regard to capabilities, tool grinding and tool sharpening services use many different types of tools and cutter materials. Choices for tool types include: boring tools and bars, blades...

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  • - Gardening Resource Site
    They also perform poorly on bumpy, uneven surfaces, can jam on twigs or stones , and are exhausting to use on large lawns . .... Maintenance is minimal and mainly consists of the occasional cleaning and oiling, plus sharpening the blades once or twice a year. .... Most lawn mower repair companies have equipment to do the job rapidly and effortlessly.
  • Self-Sharpening Resilient Blades for Lawn Mowers and Garden Equipment
    When encountering unseen objects, like rocks, the blade flexes over the object rather than damaging the blade or sheering it off, potentially causing serious injury to the mower , the operator, or people nearby. .... While edging, this blade also continuously sharpens itself. .... It won’t damage the concrete, brick, or stone that surrounds the edge of most lawns .
  • Suburban Hearth and Home/A spanner in the works - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    Many games involved landscaping earth, mud, and stones to form: The American West – to provide lead .... To abide by the government strictures the lawn was dug up and vegetable beds laid in its .... The much used lawn mower - an apology for a gardening aid - that never had its blades sharpened or set, had the job of converting the unevenness into a bowling green.
  • - Gardening Resource Site
    Now is a good time to sharpen blades so they'll be ready for spring. .... Use sharpening blocks or stones available at complete garden and hardware stores. .... Spread a thin topping of compost on the lawn after you rake up leaves, and rake again .... Other gardening activities for this month include storing mowers properly for winter, and decorating with gourds, grape…
  • Shopping In Other - Big Bruin
    …to bore holes for easy furniture assembly Attaches to 1/2in. or larger drill Blades can be resharpened … XT is a tough, reliable and professional-grade engine designed for use in MTD walk-behind mowers . .... Mechanical, Crankshaft Hardened, Fuel Tank Composite, Bearing Type Flywheel ball bearing, Application Rotary lawn mower, Choke Control .... • Oregon Chain Sharpener Grinding Stones - 7/32 Inch, 3-Pk, Model 31398. .... High-quality sharpening stones that leave an excellent cutting edge on saw chain.
  • 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python, January IAP 2010
    largo larks larva laser lasso lasts latch later latex laths lathe latin lauds laugh lavas laves laved lawns laxer layer lazes lazed leach leads leafs leafy leaks leaky leans … mound mount mourn mouse mousy mouth moves moved mover movie mowed mower mucus. .... sting stink stint stirs store stoat stock stogy stoic stoke stole stoma stomp stone stony stood stool … bisect bishop bisque bissau bistro bitchy biters biting bitten bitter blabby blacks bladed blades blamed blames blanch … shallot shallow shaming shamans shamble shammed shampoo shaping shapely shapeup sharing sharper sharply sharpen sharpie shatter shaving…
    An attempt was made to form an objective assessment of the height of cut by running over the different stubbles with a modified lawn mower and weighing the material collected. .... necessary, in spite of the fact that on several occasions they struck large stones or other obstructions. .... This charac- teristic, typical of impact cutting devices, contrasts with conventional mower knives which require regular sharpening . .... speed rotors are always slightly worrying in case they fling stones, or even cast a broken blade .
  • CR4 - Thread: Non-Engineering Questions
    I've changed the upper ball joints in my pickup, sharpened the blades on my lawn mower . .... Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone ...
  • - Gardening Resource Site
    Using Stone in Your Garden by Jan Kowalczewski Whitner. .... Fiskars new Momentum™, the world’s most advanced reel mower ™, provides solutions to the problems inherent in … mowers, the Momentum™ mower is easier to push, has more cutting power, StaySharp™ blades , a greater cut .... The blades on most reel mowers dull quickly and require annual sharpening to maintain peak performance. .... Joe lamp'l discusses the many benefits to you, your lawn , and the environment by using a reel…