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  • Bar Graph Arrays-Image
    Bar Graph Arrays - (34 companies)
    ...with standard dual in-line package (DIP) sockets. Bar graph arrays that contain multi-color elements help eliminate many of the alignment, intensity, and color-matching problems associated with discrete light emitting diodes (LEDs). Consequently...
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  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED)-Image
    Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - (642 companies)
    ...damage or degrade the diode if not removed via heat sinking, shortening its life. The light quality of LEDs is also considered inferior to incandescent and natural light, since it can affect the color rendering properties of the environment...
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  • Paper and Paperboard Materials-Image
    Paper and Paperboard Materials - (625 companies) analysis of base sheet physical properties, mechanical properties, bulk properties, paper color, and special features. Basis weight, thickness, width, and length are important base sheet physical properties to consider. Mechanical properties include both...
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  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules-Image
    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules - (548 companies)
    ...or letters and numbers. Graphic displays are capable of displaying graphs and pictures. They are dot matrix displays. Physical Specifications. Important physical specifications to consider for liquid crystal display (LCD) modules include character...
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  • LCD Drivers-Image
    LCD Drivers - (96 companies)
    ...addressing LCD technology to provide a high-resolution color display and high-speed moving images. A super twist pneumatic (STN) LCD driver provides good resolution for many colors and offers a high-contrast display over a wide range of viewing angles...
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    Graphing and Visualization Software - (159 companies) collects quantitative data stored in a relational database system that is accessed and updated by multiple users, and subsequently converts that data into usable information. This information may be represented by bars, graphs, charts...
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    LCD Switches and LED Switches - (18 companies)
    ...or an LED switch with backlighting, color choices include red, green, blue, yellow, white, amber, purple, and violet. Supply voltage, supply current, input voltage, and output voltage are additional parameters to consider. For LCD drive integrated...
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    Color Sensors - (95 companies)
    Color sensors register items by contrast, true color, or translucent index. True color sensors are based on one of the color models, most commonly the RGB model (red, green, blue). A large percentage of the visible spectrum can be created using...
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    Tachometers - (330 companies)
    Tachometers are used to measure the velocity of a rotating object. They operate on the principle that a driven motor (i.e., a motor operated as a generator) produces a voltage that is proportional to the angular velocity of the motor shaft.
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    Color Filters - (80 companies)
    Color filters include a wide range of filter types that are distinguished by their specific color spectrums and wavelengths, as well as their Schott glass compositions. Image Credit: Thorlabs, Inc. | Knight Optical Ltd. | Andover Corporation. Color...
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  • New products
    FLO/ PCB promotes a conceptual design process that integrates electrical and mechanical design for printed- circuit boards … The software provides extensive analysis capabilities, including his- tograms of thermal data, three-dimensional displays to show temperature in the Z axis, time versus temperature graphs , isotherm overlays for a visual representation of temperature breakdown, and multiple color palettes. TFT LCD Display Is Easy to Interface and Mount … display with a constant indication of pressure in either pounds per square inch, bar , kilopascals, or megapascals.
  • Compact data logger for remote and portable applications
    The Datum Y uses a colour TFT LCD screen offering a wide-angle view. Recordings can be viewed as waveform, digital, bar graph and waveform plus digital. • New type of probe measures current in PCB tracks directly 1st September 2011 .
  • Altech Corp. - AK300/12 30.612 - Terminal Blocks and Strips - Terminal Block Connectors - Allied Electronics
    Color PCB LCD Displays > Character Displays/Modules Light Emitting Diode (LED) Displays > Bar Graphs and Light Bars .
  • Newark element14 | Electronic Components Distributor
    ○ Displays - LCD (509 ○ LED Bar Graph Arrays Multi color (10 ○ AC / DC Converters - PCB Mount Multi Output (94 .
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    … Mable Logic Control alarm PCA Printed Circuit and Assembly PCB Printed Circuit Board PCB Program Control block … … film Electro luminescence TFS transfer-roads TFT Thin film transistor / Technology TFT- LCD Thin film transistor … … Band 643, 651 2-baking-grippers 746 3-baking-grippers 746 3-chip- color camera 296 3 … Backoff algorithm 519, 600 web error correction 765 web planning 764 web control 752-754 bellows-gas meters 185 beam balance, gleicharmige 70 BASIC link Layer 549 BASIC … … 136 acceleration voltage 391 operation, synchronous 436 operating diagram 686 operating limit 661 …
  • Instrumentation for laser physics and spectroscopy using 32-bit microcontrollers with an Android tablet interface
    Optional rotary encoder, LCD display. Color online) block diagram of a microcontroller- based instrument communicating with an Android tablet via USB. The PCBs use a modular layout based in part on the “daughter boards” described in Sec. III … … its value can be adjusted either with a pop-up keypad or with the two slider bars . The strip-chart graph shows in yellow the out- put voltage produced by a temperature controller card …
  • SMT Test
    … functionsThe use of SMT surface mounting technology improves the reliabilitySpecial large white backlight LCD display screen100Hz-100kHz … TC-300HV - high voltage general pcb bare board testing machine 3999 counts and 42 segments bar graph . digit is 9mm high? It has a color display that graphically shows you the SWR and Impedance of the antenna under …
  • 59.5L: Late‐News Paper: A 68‐inch SVGA 4×4 Tiled Display
    … supporting structure and the collars around the input ends of the arrays are attached to upright bars . The LCD panels, backlight and electronics are then attached, along with the necessary power supplies and control … … from a standard LCD interface card into a maximum of 25 channels from a single custom pcb . Viewing Angle (Contrast and Colour Figure 4 shows a graph of luminance and contrast ratio as a function of viewing angle.
  • Elements of the applied electronics
    … 197 case time 137 Fan-in 240 fan-out 240, 245 farad 42 color / image tubes … … 230, 231 coupling factor 78, 81, 451 correction capacity 168, 192 force-path- diagram 91 circuit / … Avalanche / - opening 286-effect 36, 282 layout 357 LCD 106, 393 LC / screen 106-display … … matrix l29, parameters, 128, 144 picking / line 266-amplifier, 266 radiating / beam display 40, 41 … … converter 272, 273, parasitic 116, 118, 212, 292 parity testers 414 PC 302 PCB 357 PDP 97 …
  • Altech Corp. - 30.053 - Terminal Blocks and Strips - Terminal Block Connectors - Allied Electronics
    Color PCB LCD Displays > Character Displays/Modules Light Emitting Diode (LED) Displays > Bar Graphs and Light Bars .