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  • Does this Glass Pass? Using XRF to Screen for Ceramic and Lead Contaminants
    of ceramic elements in glass and glass cullet and that lead and color agents (iron (Fe) and copper (Cu)) can be reliably detected within seconds.
  • Development of a Fatigue Resistant Lead-Free Alloy For High Reliability Under Hood Applications
    Automotive electronics modules are exempt from the EU RoHS legislation, which restricts the use of six elements in electronics assemblies, including the use of lead (Pb) in solder alloys. However, most manufacturers in this sector are investigating lead-free processes to help vehicle manufacturers
  • Building Curtain Walls, Bridges and Other Architectural Elements that Stand the Test of Time
    Today's architects and commercial builders are challenged to create innovative, environmentally sustainable structures that will last for years. Fortunately, advances in FEVE (fluoroethylene vinyl ether) fluoropolymer resins for paints and topcoats help these structures withstand the elements
  • Defining the Elements for Successful Infrared
    contribute to the final conclusions can lead to serious errors. To ensure optimum results, a thermographer needs to understand the nature and reason for the inspection, all equipment and operator limitations, site conditions and the proper documentation of findings.
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    and automate it, and connect it to a means of delivery. Nano research eyes ink jet-printed 'sheets' of circuits NanoProducts Corp. lab researchers have begun work on nanoscale devices that may lead to the formation of "plastic " circuit elements and circuit "sheets " fabricated with ink jet printers
  • High Stability Positioning Stage with Self-Clamping Ceramic Linear Motors Provides Long-Term Nanoscale Stability
    An insidious nanoscale instability process is the quasi-asymptotic settling due to lubricant flow processes in drive, alignment and adjustment elements such as lead-screws and micrometer drives. It has been thought that this progresses at the nanoscale over many minutes, but conventional
  • Preface
    , especially sophomores and juniors from engineering or the other sciences. These students are typically looking for a survey course to introduce them to the basic elements of photonics and lasers, often to fulfill a science "distribution requirement." It has always been difficult to find an appropriate
  • Critical Backup Power
    Plants are at the mercy of the elements. At any moment, turbulent weather could bring power supplies down, or a grid-wide failure could bring normal-functioning generators to a standstill. For plant operators, avoiding times of outage is a vital part of running a plant, but it can't always
  • Motor J-Box Thermography Route
    compressors and fans. We recently included the motor junction box as an additional component in our surveys. All of these surveys, however, overlooked the motor lead connections. The majority of the motors are in an outside environment, subject to vibration, temperature changes and humidity. We
  • Dynamic ICP (R) Pressure Sensors for Detection of Combustion Instability and High Intensity Acoustics in Rocket Motor Research
    Rocket motor combustion instability is caused by pressure fluctuations and acoustic resonances in the combustion chamber, which may reduce engine performance, induce structural vibration, and possibly lead to catastrophic failure by a break-down of the thermal insulating boundary layer
  • Turning the Cloud Into a Rainmaker
    Our lives are changing in exciting ways. Devices in our homes, automobiles, cities and factories are becoming connected to the Internet. This phenomenon has profound implications for businesses. Connected product offerings can lead to increased revenue, reduced expenses and a more engaged customer
  • SPECTRO ARCOS delivers high-throughput agronomical analysis for Eurofins
    , soil,. and manure. The lab identifies chemical elements. in the samples that can impact fertilization, feed. values, soil and crop health, or food safety. Any. analytical mistakes might lead to farmers' planting. the wrong crops or supplying the wrong feed -. ultimately causing lower harvest yields
  • Derating For Real World Conditions
    of. protection must be accounted for when applying conductive-type controls into. your application. The resistance value (resistivity) of the bimetal element causes. heat build-up that can lead to opening the circuit at lower temperatures. In other. words, the device is operating at a lower temperature
  • Design Considerations for Thermal Controls
    in temperature. Because of their faster acting bimetallic elements this family of thermal controls is excellent for use in higher voltage and current. applications, both on resistive and inductive type loads. Disc type thermal controls derive their name from the actual form of the bimetallic