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  • Not all FIDs are the Same
    While flame ionization is the appropriate sensor technology for measuring total hydrocarbon levels in the parts-per-million (PPM) range, not all FIDs are the same. Many FIDs offered to process industries are actually modified versions of fragile, rack-mounted, laboratory instruments, these features
  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    This document identifies key issues experienced by manufacturers of medical/biotechnology equipment regarding handling and detection of liquids with capacitive proximity sensors in particular. It examines concrete sensing/monitoring methods that will improve processes while guaranteeing reliable
  • IO-Link - The USB Interface for the Sensor/Actuator Level
    When thinking about ways in machine building to achieve cost reduction while still increasing. benefits to the customer, the installation technology on the machine is one of the first places to. look. Signals between sensors, actuators and the controller need to make their way through all. kinds
  • Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
    by MEMS sensors) and embedded computing technologies have led to the rise of viable wireless sensor networks for demanding Industrial environments. Other reasons for this growth are that WSNs are at acceptable reliability levels for most industrial uses, the advent of WSN standards specifically
  • Application: Sensor FSC5001U - Liquid Level Sensor
    A Standex-Meder customer had a challenge. They were spending much time, energy, and money on modifying a part they were purchasing. They sought a solution to alleviate all these symptoms in an inefficient design they purchased from a competitor.
  • Understanding Accuracy in a Bin Level Monitoring System
    >One consideration is the type of device you're using to measure the material level. Bobs, guided wave radar, open air radar, and ultrasonic level sensors are commonly used devices. What they all have in common is they all measure a single point in the vessel. Although each device has its pros
  • Application: Fuel Tank Multiple Level Detection (.pdf)
    All trucks and automobiles currently utilizing internal combustion engines have fuel tanks. To the driver of the fueled motor vehicle, one of the most important instruments on his front panel is his fuel gage. It is important that the gage provides an accurate reading of the fuel level. To properly
  • Electrolytic Tilt Sensors and Inclinometers: A Primer - Sensors Online Magazine, September 2004
    The term tilt sensor is often used to identify a large variety of devices that measure, indicate, or otherwise provide a signal of some type when tilted from (or to) a level position, using gravity as a reference. While a number of these devices are indeed tilt sensors, others are not. To determine

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