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  • Pin-in-Paste Application Note (.pdf)
    The Pin in Paste method, also called through-hole reflow technology, has become increasingly important during the past few years. Reaching a higher degree of automation with existing manufacturing equipment is one primary advantage. Further advantages are as follows: * Elimination of the soldering
  • Making the Difficult Look Easy: PAT at Talecris
    a quantitative measurement of the pressure in the headspace of the vial, Talecris can assure a level of vacuum sufficient enough to transfer the necessary amount of diluent into the product, as the level of pressure varies for different product vials sizes and diluent amounts. Albumin is the most prevalent
  • Four Ways to Reduce Voids in BGA/CSP Package
    influences on the amount of voiding one can expect in an assembly. This paper will discuss how print volume (stencil design), peak reflow temperature, paste flux chemistry and alloy selection affect the level of voiding to be expected when BGA/CSP packages are assembled in a lead free process.
  • Void Reduction in BTC Using Vacuum Assisted Reflow
    This paper will describe the results of a series of experiments performed in an in-line convection reflow oven, using a typical lead free reflow profile, with three types of bottom terminated components commonly used in power management applications. A solder paste flux and alloy with a known high
  • Air-Handling With Care
    the development process. Before that time, a toxicity level may be assigned based on extrapolation from other materials. The process and facility must then be designed and operated to maintain the expected actual worker exposure below these TLV and STEL values. Table II identifies a typical exposure-control
  • Energy & Eco-Sustainability using Pressure-less Silver Sintering for RF Power Electronics
    A virtually void free die attach was successfully achieved using a fixed but critical volume of Ag sinter paste by a process of pressure-less sintering on a multi-axis cartesian style bonder, retrofitted with a high-speed jetting dispenser. While this process potentially offered an ideal
  • Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives
    both have non-drip paste. consistencies. MasterSil 973S-LO is also used as a formedin-place gasket material. Formulations can be tweaked to. highlight different performance properties as required by. the specific application. The variety of properties makes. these silicones relevant for many

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