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  • Smart Computing Article - Free Software Foundation (FSF) to freeze
    as the time and effort needed to create the connection. Here's how it works: Sending/receiving devices are lined up with one another at the points of transmission. These optical amplifiers send and receive various wavelengths of modulated visible or infrared laser light beams through the air
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods for a New Generation
    from 1-20 um, and in the nanometer range to 250 nm. This technology utilizes surface patterning tools, or SPTs, microcantilever-based micro-fluidic handling devices. The droplet volumes these microcantilevers deliver to the nanoarray are in the femtoliter and attoliter range (10 Nanoarrays offer
  • RFID Battles the Elements
    content. Products that contain electrolytes can be also be hostile. Viscosity and pH can factor in as well. As far as packaging is concerned, Anything with metal is a killer, Clarke says. Radio signals, like light, don t travel through metal. It doesn t matter whether it s a micron or a foot thick
  • Polarimetry Using Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders
    division of a light signal into four components that are measured individually; this technique is limited to applications in which signal levels are sufficient that intensity reduction does not diminish the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • 0-10v Dimming Basics and Troubleshooting
    systems; simply put, the control signal is a DC voltage that varies between zero and ten volts. At 0 volts, the light will dim to its minimum light level, though typically requires a switch to turn the lights completely off, and at 10 Volts the device will be operating at 100%. The picture below
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Innovative Silicon forms technical advisory board "Floating-body " silicon-on-insulator (SOI) memory IP provider Innovative Silicon has created a technical advisory board and stocked it with respected memory and SOI technologists. Analyst: All-in-one devices too big and costly Users eventually
  • Introduction of Multi-Channel Through Hole Conductive Slip Ring
    kinds of robots, manipulator, all kinds of airborne device, all kinds of wind power equipment bottle blowing machine, light detector, all kinds of turntable, entertainment equipment, virtual 3D, VR equipment, vehicle satellite antenna and so on.
  • Optical Switching - Preface
    in this area and the interest of industries in optical switching. products. Switching signals in optical form essentially involves the ability to redirect light. at will. Therefore, an integral part of an optical switching node is a device that can. redirect optical signals according to instructions
  • Electron Multiplication CCDs Offer a Flexible Solution
    . However, the devices may not prove superior to intensified CCDs when it comes to applications that need extremely short exposure times. Electron multiplication CCDs use a conventional readout-node amplifier design but apply gain to the signal prior to readout. The benefit is an increase
  • University of Waterloo Skip to the content of the web site.
    . Sensors can convert an optical signal (or anything that is radiant, e.g., visible light) into an electrical signal that can be recognized, stored in a computer and later, transmitted. They take information from the analog world and make it computer compatible. Thus sensors can serve as key components
  • IFPAC 2006 Under the Microscope
    the telecommunications industry, was discussed by Mike Butler (Polychromix, Inc., Wilmington, Mass.). The spectrum emitted is controlled by a MEMS surface which reflects combinations of the light reflected from a sample. Using a single detector, these signals are de-convoluted into a usable spectrum. Also quite
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    , smoke signals? That is, amplitude modulation of scattered light from controlled groups of particulate aerosol, which disperse as they rise, as observed from a distance. This is a form of serial information transfer. The two principal forms of optical information transfer are identified as serial
  • Preface
    Preface. The term lightwave technology was coined as a natural extension of microwave technology and refers to the developments based on the use of light in place of microwaves. The beginnings of lightwave technology can be traced to the decade of 1960s during which significant advances were made
  • Preface
    considers that a SONET repeater may cost thousands of dollars per signal and per 40 Km of fiber. An information channel, when realized with a modulated optical frequency or wavelength, is termed an optical channel. A binary data rate modulates the optical wavelength. Most optical components in DWDM
  • Get Charged Up About RFID Battery Options
    toll tag versions, a nonreplaceable button cell was sufficient to supply current for the required minimum of six years. However, as toll tag designs have progressed, new features require more current. These new features include LEDs and audible warning devices for signaling the user
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    of analog and mixed-signal chips will boost the production in its own fab by 30%. The move will save the company about $3 million per quarter. Germany's Osram Opto to build new LED chip fab REGENSBURG, Germany -- Bucking the trend in the semiconductor industry, Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH & Co. here