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    Countertops - (224 companies)
    Countertops are horizontal work surfaces that are used in workrooms, kitchens, and other food preparation areas. They are often installed above and supported by cabinets. Countertops are made from a variety of materials and may resist the growth...
  • Overlays and Veneers-Image
    Overlays and Veneers - (65 companies)
    ...or laminated boards with water proof and non-stick properties. These laminated products are used to make concrete forms, countertops, signs, shelving, staging and pallets. Decorative overlays consist of a resin-saturated paper with a graphic design or printed...
    Marine Coatings - (97 companies)
    Marine coatings are waterproof, protective layers that are applied to surfaces exposed to or immersed in fresh, brackish, and/or salt water. They are used with boats, ships, ferries and other watercraft, as well as with marine structures...
    Marine Lanterns - (24 companies)
    Marine lanterns are fixed all weather lighting devices used to aid navigation on the water. Marine lanterns are fixed, all-weather lighting devices used to aid navigation on the water. They are designed for use as aids-to-navigation on small buoys...
    Marine Fenders - (38 companies)
    Marine fenders are used between marine vessels and docking structures to prevent damage during berthing. They are also used to protect ships during cargo transfers at sea. Marine fenders differ in terms of size, shape, buoyancy, energy absorption...
    Thrusters (marine) - (31 companies)
    Thrusters (marine) are marine drive systems that are used for bow or stern watercraft maneuvering or as the primary propulsion drive system for watercraft. Marine thrusters are marine drive systems used for bow or stern watercraft maneuvering...
    Marine Services - (340 companies)
    Marine services provide repair, maintenance, logistics, testing, storage, and transportation services for boats, ships, oil tankers, and other watercraft. Marine repair services and marine maintenance services usually have facilities at boatyards...
    Furniture - (746 companies)
    Furniture consists of seating, benches, tables, cabinets and chairs for indoor or outdoor applications.
    Marine Repair Services - (42 companies)
    Marine repair services offer repair modification alteration, installation, and overhaul services of marine vessels including vessels for naval use. Marine repair services offer repair modification alteration, installation, and overhaul services...
    Chutes - (38 companies)
    ...such as aluminum or steel, or durable plastics such as polyethylene (PE). Aluminum chute systems are lightweight with good corrosion-resistance. Most products are cast, wrought, extruded, forged, cold-finished, hot-rolled, or formed by compacting powdered...

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  • Using of expandable fillers to produce low density particleboard
    …strongly dimensioned and bulky-looking cheeks and studs for shelves, tables and kitchen countertops up to 50 .... Lightweight panels have also been favored by furniture producers because of their low density, highresource efficiency and … Department of Wood and Paper Science and Technology, Faculty of Natural Resources and Marine Sciences, Tarbiat Modares…
  • Neopentyl/Polyhydric Alcohols
    Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) can be both lightweight and durable and is consumed mainly by the construction, marine and automotive industries. .... of FRP include fans, blowers, hoods, fume scrubbers, duct systems, exhaust stacks, kitchen countertops , marine boat hulls…
  • The quest of the spices, motor of the history
    …Soleil, has the conscience of the enormous delay taken through the kingdom of France concerning maritime commerce. .... It bases counters on the island Bourbon (The Meeting) and the island of France (Mauritius). .... wealth and at the aromatic astutenesses of these exotic ingredients by some large heads is noted ( light ).
  • RMS-1000: A Reconfigurable Mobile System
    ASIP was fielded for testing by the Marine Corps at both El Toro Marine Corps Air Station … for a common tactical ground station, and that it should be affordable, robust, lightweight , easily upgradeable, and … may be fitted with a large overview display, or may be left open as a workspace countertop .
  • Combustion Byproducts Recycling Consortium
    Countertop polishing techniques were also established (Malhotra and Chugh, 2004). .... fiber reinforced utility pole design with very stiff outer shell and without ultra- lightweight inner core material .... 00-CBRC-M11: Development of CCB Fill Materials for Use as Mechanically Stabilized Marine Structures .
  • Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods, 9th Edition
    A long oil phenolic, marine spar varnish, has the best history of satisfac- tory performance, although it .... Polyurethanes are often used on bar tops and countertops and on floors. .... Concrete Masonry Most concrete ma- sonry (CMU), especially the lightweight type, has a very rough, porous surface.
  • Research Toward Zero Energy Homes
    This objective cannot be readily achieved with today’s building practices as  lightweight   wood frame construction does not provide sufficient thermal mass to shift the peak HVAC  operation period. .... Marine  Climate Solar Thermal ‐ Status Report Budget Period 2 (2009). .... This  package includes Northwest ENERGY STAR® and Earth Advantage certification as well as  stainless steel appliances and granite  countertops .
  • Combustion Byproducts Recycling Consortium
    …countertop product would be approximately 10 times cheaper than the current Corian and Corian-look-alike countertops . .... Porous concrete is also lightweight , 95 to. .... tested horizontally as a cantilever in the bending mode using facilities at Trinity Marine Products in Paducah…
  • Civil Engineering, Architecture and Sustainable Infrastructure II
    Territory of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea belongs to the tropical marine climate area which is hot .... Test actual countertop model input process and the vibration characteristics of the destruction during the test phase .... Lightweight steel residence is becoming more and more popular due to its excellent performance.

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