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  • Linear Position and Displacement Measurement With Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors
    Virtually all capacitive and eddy-current sensor applications are fundamentally a measure of displacement (position change) of an object. This Application Note details the specifics of making such a measurement and what is required to make reliable measurements in micro and nano displacement
  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    PLCs and microcontrollers, which are taking over more control of linear-position/actuator-based systems. For example, they are now used for control surfaces on aircraft, vane position in gas turbines, valve position in steam turbines, and to measure dimensions for quality assurance. But fitting
  • Humidity sensors
    change. Many of the techniques used in semi-conductor manufacturing give capacitive RH sensors minimal long-term drift and hysteresis. The thin-film devices may include signal-conditioning circuits on the substrate to produce near-linear output voltages for humidity measurement. Resistive RH sensors
  • Better inspection: Less Scrap
    laterally on the detector face an amount DX. Tire makers inspect product in process and when it's finished. For both jobs, lasermeasurement sensors have become the tool of choice over contact/ mechanical followers and capacitive sensors. Recent lasermeasuring systems that employ highspeed digital data

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